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27 May 2021
Kids on Banking – 3 Years Later…

Kids on Banking – 3 Years Later…


Kids on Banking – 3 Years Later…

It’s been almost 3 years since our 25th anniversary, and thus, the introduction of our Kids on Banking project. Designed to give us a refreshing perspective on banking from the minds of children, Kids on Banking offers a little comedic relief in stressful times. Who knew banking concepts could be so fun?!

While we are so grateful to have spent the last 28 years serving more than 600 financial institutions and managing more than 20,000 network devices, we are even more excited to see what the next 28+ have in store.

In case you missed our original Kids on Banking reveal, view the blog (and adorable video!) here.

05 Dec 2018
Watch More Kids on Banking

More Kids on Banking

This year marks our 25th Anniversary and to honor the occasion, we developed Kids on Banking, which is designed to let us reminisce about our own childhood memories of going to the bank with our parents. While the banking industry has changed quite a bit since we were kids, and most trips to the bank and ATM have been replaced with the use of online banking and the simple use of an app, we were left wondering what it was like to see the banking environment through the eyes of kids today.

So, we asked a few, ranging in age from 5-11 years old for their unscripted opinions on banking and what exactly they think happens in a bank. They were very creative and had some insightful opinions that provided us with enough content to develop not one — but two — videos!

One of the questions we asked was, “How much money is inside the safe at a bank?” Apparently, banks today house a “thousand trillion billion dollars,” or “$399,” or maybe just “$100 or $50.” When it comes to saving money, we learned that “mostly money is saved for college or toys, but mostly toys!”

Watch More Kids on Banking

According to the kids, ATMs are for giving out money. All you have to do is put in a card, type a long random number and then “about a trillion dollars will start coming out.” If only this were true.

According to these kids, the president of the bank is responsible for signing papers and writing a lot of words, controlling the money and taxes, keeping the money safe, telling everyone when to “shut the door in case of a robber” and “people even come to the president to deliver grilled cheese.”

The pneumatic air tube is a favorite piece of banking equipment. It is “the thing that goes Fwsshhh straight up to the man upstairs!” It also is the thing that delivers lollypops and bills.

The kids really got us laughing and reminiscing about how we thought about banking when we were younger.

Check out our second video, More Kids on Banking, for a good laugh and help us celebrate a quarter century of serving community banks and credit unions.

For the last 25 years Safe Systems has worked with more than 600 financial institutions and managed more than 20,000 network devices. Safe Systems has found great success in helping community financial institutions significantly decrease costs, increase IT performance, enhance cybersecurity processes and improve their compliance postures.

04 Jun 2018
Kids on Banking Blog Featured Image

Kids on Banking – A Blast from the Past

The Safe Systems team is extremely grateful to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year, and it wouldn’t be possible without you. To honor this occasion, we want to give something back to all the financial institutions that do so much for their communities. We know you’ve helped countless neighbors turn their dreams into businesses; send their children to college; and buy their first homes. We’ve loved sharing a part in these special moments, and we want to celebrate everything you do.

The Kids on Banking project has been a year in the making. We felt the best way to appreciate all the magic that happens at community financial institutions was to reminisce about childhood memories of going to the bank with our parents and being in awe. From the teller who gave you candy to the drive-through tube, everything created a sense of wonder. Now that we’re adults, most of those mysteries have been resolved, and many trips to the bank can be replaced with the use of an app. Yet we started to wonder…What is it like to see banks through the eyes of a kid again?

We produced the video as organically as possible, which meant we took a bit of a gamble. We recruited regular kids, ranging from 5-11 years old, and asked their unscripted opinions on banking concepts. We collaborated with a great agency in Greenville, S.C., called ipsoCreative. They managed the entire project including casting, props, location scouting, scheduling, production coordination, and post-production. Of course, we hoped the kids would have funny answers to our questions, but we couldn’t guarantee it. Fortunately for us, the one thing you can always depend on is kids being creative. The kids had silly insights that made us nostalgic for the days when we looked at the world through a more whimsical lens.

One of the questions we asked was, “If we gave you $50, what would you buy with it?” As it turns out, you can afford anything from Legos to a private jet full of puppies, especially if you turn it into more money by getting coins (obviously). We actually did give each of the kids $50, so stay tuned to see what some of them did with the money! The kids really got us laughing and looking back on what life was like when we were younger. Unfortunately, “fiduciary” is still too hard a word.

Check out the full video above for a good laugh and celebrate 25 amazing years of serving communities with us! When you’re done laughing, be sure to watch the sequel, More Kids on Banking.