Vulnerability Management

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Greater Visibility

Gain insight into the vulnerabilities of your devices

Right on Schedule

Regular scans for the latest in infrastructure and vulnerabilities

Total Confidence

Go beyond servers and address potential threats for your many other devices

Report on It

Adhere to the FFIEC’s CAT with multiple reporting options
(Domain 3: Detective Controls: Threat and Vulnerability Detection)

Risk Comparison

Vulnerabilities that are known to have been exploited are listed to provide context for level of risks

IT Security Layers

IT security should be a financial institution’s top priority. Have you protected every layer of your IT ecosystem?

You need more than anti-malware and a firewall


of cyberattacks are avoidable, with the right layers


of security incidents involving loss are from insiders

Frequently Asked Questions

V-Scan FAQ

What is V-Scan?

V-Scan is a comprehensive vulnerability management solution that analyzes your IT assets, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides an extensive overview of the vulnerability risk within your environment. V-Scan provides risk-prioritized data on all scanned IT assets. Frequent comprehensive scans help your institution take a proactive approach to vulnerability management and meet examiner expectations.

How does V-Scan work?

Safe Systems configures a virtual appliance to perform detailed scans across all IT assets within your entire financial institution. To maximize impact, and meet compliance guidelines, the scans are designed to run once a week during business hours when most devices are online. With each weekly scan you receive detailed reporting and a user-friendly dashboard to assist in creating an actionable plan to resolve and mitigate your asset vulnerabilities.

How does V-Scan help meet compliance requirements?

Many regulatory bodies require financial institutions to have processes that support detecting, assessing, and addressing vulnerabilities in their IT environment. V-Scan not only pinpoints vulnerabilities that are present within your environment, but also goes a step further by using numerous data points to measure the risk posed by those vulnerabilities. This information empowers IT staff and oversight personnel with timely details and the necessary context to drive an effective vulnerability management program forward.

Ready to get started with V-Scan?

As community financial institutions continue to innovate and add to their IT infrastructure, they unknowingly add vulnerabilities as well. It is important to implement a solution to keep informed of the vulnerabilities and give yourself an opportunity to reduce your risks against would-be cybercriminals. V-Scan provides easy-to-understand reports that highlight vulnerabilities allowing you to prioritize and remediate them.