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CloudInsight™ is a family of products that provides an array of reports and alerts customized for the financial services industry to enhance awareness in the Cloud.

29% of organizations had their Microsoft 365 accounts compromised by hackers in 2019
Barracuda Networks

92% of companies have their cloud service credentials for sale on the Dark Web

Designed for Community Banks and Credit Unions Who:

  • Have O365/M365 — Exchange Online, SharePoint, or OneDrive
  • Use Azure Active Directory
  • Are looking for data to help manage their Azure instance
  • Store any non-public information (NPI) in the Cloud
  • Are unsure if their cloud tenant is secure
  • Need to increase visibility of potential security risks and indicators of compromise
  • Want access to specific data required by examiners and internal stakeholders

Service Options

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M365 Security Basics offers visibility into security settings for Azure Active Directory and O365/M365 tenants

Common risks detected by M365 Security Basics

Compromised User Accounts

Accounts compromised and
unnoticed for up to a year

Unknown Users and Forwarders

Non-approved access or external forwarding of employee emails

Unapproved Email Access

Sign-ins from foreign countries, disabled mobile devices, and non-approved home computers

Insecure Protocols Enabled

Obsolete protocols enabled but not used leaving institutions open
to vulnerabilities

Unknown Use of Sharing Tools

Institutions are often unaware when employees use SharePoint and OneDrive

Targeted Phishing or SPAM Attacks

Individual employees were being targeted without the knowledge of the institution

M365 Utility Basics Logo

M365 Utility Basics provides insight into O365/M365 with a focus on Exchange Online utilization.

Note: M365 Utility Basics is currently in development and should launch later this year.

M365 Utility Basics allows you to quickly review:

Sync Failures

Know when Active Directory fails to sync to Azure


See which users are disabled and which have not changed their passwords recently

Distribution Lists

Ensure DLs are up to date with correct employees

Inappropriate User Licenses

Ensure users have appropriate licenses for their business needs

Unnecessary Mobile Devices

Assess Exchange Online mobile devices and those which could pose a risk

If you’re like me and not a Microsoft guru, this software is a great set of second eyes to make sure nothing is overlooked. With the alerts, we’re staying ahead of issues proactively and not just waiting for a problem to arise.
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Zach Horn, Network Administrator at Glennville Bank

This has been a very informative process for us and we look forward to more effectively managing our O365 environment.
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Aaron Miller, IT Project Manager, Franklin Bank & Trust Company

With what we’re seeing in the industry and how often Microsoft is changing, we needed a product and team that could help us uncover deficiencies we might not know we had… Being able to pull on-demand reports has been a really great addition for us.
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Robert Vickers, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Affinity Bank

I bring the summary report to our IT Steering committee meetings because it allows the team to easily see the issues and advancements we can make. It’s a great overview and touch base from the largest settings all the way down to mailbox usage.
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Zach Horn, Network Administrator at Glennville Bank

The alerts and reporting features are great tools for us to make sure we aren’t missing anything and maintaining the effectiveness of what we do.
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Aaron Miller, IT Project Manager, Franklin Bank & Trust Company

While we haven’t seen any major threats or issues, knowing we have M365 Security Basics and the Safe Systems team in our corner has certainly put our minds at ease.
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Robert Vickers, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Affinity Bank

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CloudInsight was developed for community financial institutions by qualified engineers who hold dozens of certifications, including the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certification. We are confident that this offering will help you document and improve your cloud security posture.