Cloud Data Storage

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Cloud Data Storage

The compliant way to backup sensitive banking data

Restore in Seconds

Quickly over the internet

Maintain Local Copies

Use on-premise storage to quickly restore bulkier files

Exams Made Easier

We ensure your backups undergo SOC audits, ISO reviews, and Vendor Management checks

Ideal for Community Banks and Credit Unions Who:

  • Are still using traditional tape backup solutions
  • Are considering a fully automated and encrypted data vaulting solution
  • Desire a centralized backup and recovery process
  • Have only one or several branches located close together, raising the risk of data loss should a nature disaster occur
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Despite having limited resources, community banks and credit unions require a scalable, centralized and automated data vaulting solution devoted to compliance, security, data growth, and disaster recovery. C-Vault is a fully automated and encrypted data vaulting solution designed to ensure your data is protected. The centralized backup and recovery process eliminates the risks, hassles and costs associated with traditional tape backup solutions.

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