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Cybersecurity RADAR

We simplify the management of your FFIEC and NCUA cybersecurity assessments

Assessment App


maturity and
inherent risk


gaps in


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Assessment App


maturity and
inherent risk

Compliance Experts at a Board meeting

A Comprehensive Solution

Cybersecurity RADAR combines our web-based application with a team of compliance experts to help you better determine your cybersecurity preparedness and meet examiner expectations with greater confidence.

Easily assess your cybersecurity risk and maturity within a user-friendly digital interface, using the standards set by the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) or the NCUA’s Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET). Then, take action:

  • View your results in a graphical format to easily see spikes or gaps in your risk and maturity
  • Talk to our experts to interpret results, analyze cybersecurity gaps, and define a plan
  • Compare up to 3 years of assessments to identify trends and demonstrate progress
  • Perform an incident response test with guidance and facilitation from our experts
  • Generate reports to effectively communicate cybersecurity preparedness to auditors and examiners
  • Let our experts present your assessment to the board annually
  • Utilize presentations from our experts to conduct employee cybersecurity training

What do you get with Cybersecurity RADAR?

Manage Your CAT or ACET Process Online

In-depth Assessment
of Results

Cybersecurity Policy Review

Cyber Incident Response Test

Annual Board Presentation

Employee Training Resources

Ideal for Community Banks or Credit Unions Who:

  • Need help completing the FFIEC’s CAT or NCUA’s ACET
  • Are not sure what regulators expect or how that differs from what’s being done already
  • Need an in-house expert to create or manage a cybersecurity risk management program
  • Are confused about their current level of preparedness
  • Seek expert advice on gap analysis, reducing risks, and increasing maturity
  • Need help updating and testing policies, procedures, and practices
  • Are not sure how to communicate the results to the Board
  • Require reports that satisfy examiners
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Assess your Cybersecurity Regulatory Readiness

Examiners are looking at cybersecurity programs with increased scrutiny. Are you ready to report on your cybersecurity posture? Take this quiz to find out if your risk maturity will measure up to regulatory requirements and expectations.

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Keeping up with The Bad Guys
Cybersecurity Threats Against Financial Institutions

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The gap analysis is an excellent part of the process that helps document and identify actionable items to keep us progressing to the next maturity level.

It’s valuable to get the perspective of how our profile measures against other banks of similar size and complexity.

It is an easy process to satisfy all the requirements for cybersecurity assessment, incident response testing and training. You get personalized assistance.

We like the historical view we get of our progress over time.

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