Security Event Log Monitoring (SELM)

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Be Aware

of unusual activity on
your network

Rethink “Threat”

In addition to hackers, defend yourself from rogue employees

Defense from Within

Catch insider and outsider threats through anomalous activity

Meet Requirements

Follow cybersecurity best practices, and document your security log processes

IT Security Layers

IT security should be a financial institution’s top priority. Have you protected every layer of your IT ecosystem?

You need more than anti-malware and a firewall


of cyberattacks are avoidable, with the right layers


of security incidents involving loss are from insiders


Frequently Asked Questions about SELM

What is Security Event Log Monitoring (SELM)?

Security Event Log Monitoring is simply reviewing events that occur within your network to detect any anomalies, data breach attempts, or network intrusions.

Why do we need SELM?

It is important for community banks and credit unions to be aware of any suspicious and potentially harmful activity involving their network. Security Event Log Monitoring enables easier and more efficient review and scrutiny of events.

What should SELM do?

An event log monitoring solution should be able to efficiently comb through all of your daily logs and notify you when any activity needs further review.

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