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Cybersecurity Preparedness: You’ve Completed the ACET, but is That Enough? What Do Regulators Expect Next?

Wednesday, January 29 | 2:00 PM ET

The NCUA’s ACET (Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool) is designed to help Credit Unions evaluate their cybersecurity risk exposure and control maturity levels.

Accurately filling out the ACET can be challenging but completing it is just the beginning. The NCUA makes it clear that the ACET is simply a tool to assess your current level of preparedness, and they expect you to take the next steps.

Tom Hinkel

Tom Hinkel
VP Compliance Services

Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis
VP Product Marketing

In this webinar, Tom and Jamie will discuss the following:

  • Difficulties of filling out the ACET
    • How misinterpreting a question or declarative statement can significantly impact the accuracy of the assessment
  • Next steps:
    • The GAP Analysis - How to conduct a meaningful analysis of your risk and control areas
    • How to determine your “Desired State of Maturity”
    • The Action Plan - How to identify and prioritize specific declarative statements
    • The Reassessment - How to demonstrate sufficient progress to your stakeholders

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Throughout the year, we host webinars on how to solve common technology, security, and compliance challenges in the community banking industry.

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2020 Webinar Schedule:

  • January — The New FFIEC BCM Handbook
  • April — Anti-malware
  • May — IT Management Reporting Engine
  • July — Virtual ISO
  • September — Information Security Policies and Risk Assessments
  • October — IT Network Management
  • December — Next-Gen Firewall


The New Business Continuity Guidance Requires a Whole New Approach. Does It Also Require a Whole New Plan?

January 22, 2020


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Tom Hinkel

Tom Hinkel
VP Compliance Services

Jackie Marshall

Jackie Marshall
VP Compliance Services

Jamie Davis

Presented by Jamie Davis
VP of Product Management

The FFIEC updated their BCP IT Examination Handbook in November 2019. In fact, the handbook is no longer called BCP (Business Continuity Planning) but is now called BCM (Business Continuity Management).

This is the first major update in several years. Which may leave you thinking…”What does this mean for my institution? Do we need to make any changes?”
Based on what we’ve read, the answer is probably, “Yes”. Many community financial institutions we speak with are already limping by with their current plan. So, this new booklet could mean it’s time for a major plan overhaul.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the following:

  • What’s new
  • What’s changed
  • How these changes affect your plan
  • The new regulatory expectations for your plan
  • The possible next steps for your institution
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