Network Consulting

Compliant and Secure

Have your network built by someone who understands the needs of a financial institution

Expert Configuration

Servers, storage, Internet, backups, virus detection, and host connectivity

Secure Connections

Confidently connect to the Federal Reserve, credit bureaus, and check order companies

Ideal for Community Banks and Credit Unions Who:

  • Worry their network is not compliant and secure
  • Don’t have in-house experts to configure servers, storage, backups, connectivity, etc.
  • Need a second opinion regarding the best practices for an implementation
  • Want to ensure infrastructure is the right size for the institution, considering growth
  • Needs help assessing network deficiencies and making recommendations (e.g. on server consolidation, virtualization, router/switches, back-ups, communications, LAN/WAN)
Best Practices for Banking IT
Driving Compliance Through Technology

Our Approach to Network Design

Identify Necessary Components

Discuss Your Vendors’ Network Requirements

Coordinate Vendor Activities for Efficiency

Bring Your Network Up in a Live Environment

Take It from Our Customers

Want help designing and installing your network?

Ensure your technology is current, compliant and secure by leveraging our experience and proactive approach to network design, installation, and project management. Whether you are upgrading your systems, implementing a virtualized infrastructure, or adding a new branch, our knowledge of core processors and third party banking applications will enhance your ability to achieve your goals.

If you already have an established network and you are interested in network management instead, click here.