Advanced Firewall

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More Than a Firewall

Advanced features include a deeper analysis and improved detection of modern threats

Sandbox Learning

Take advantage of powerful machine-learning algorithms for advanced protection

SSL Inspection

Gain insight into what could be lurking inside encrypted web traffic

Threat Intelligence

Monitor realtime streams to identify malicious indicators

Ideal for Community Banks and Credit Unions Who:

  • Need a way to check network traffic against industry intelligence feeds
  • Are interested in better control of application access
  • Require network and user based reporting
  • Are worried about what is hidden in SSL encrypted traffic
  • Are concerned that they cannot detect new and emerging threats
  • Would like to automate policy enforcement actions

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IT Security Layers

IT security should be a financial institution’s top priority. Have you protected every layer of your IT ecosystem?


  • Device Monitoring & Management
  • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall Monitoring & Management
  • UTM Monitoring & Management
    AV + Content Filtering

  • IPS/IDS Monitoring & Management
  • User Reporting
  • Quarterly review of firewall rules with report
    As outlined as a baseline minimum in the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT)

Advanced Threat Protection (Add-On)

  • Sandbox Analysis
  • Security Feed Analysis

  • Geo-IP Filtering

Inspection (Add-On)

  • TLS/SSL Inspection

  • User Integration

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The threat landscape for all organizations is advancing at a rapid pace. Managed Perimeter Defense employs a variety of advanced threat protection technologies. Using real-time information, advanced machine-learning algorithms, and deep traffic analysis, Managed Perimeter Defense is designed to protect your organization from today’s sophisticated attackers.