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New Resource Center Features Banking Technology, Security, and Compliance Insights for Financial Institutions

Resource Center

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s important for financial institutions to have access to trusted information related to technology, compliance, and security trends. To help facilitate this, Safe Systems has launched a new online Resource Center which provides community banks and credit unions with access to a centralized knowledge base of free materials. The Resource Center can easily be reached from any page of our website in the top navigation bar.

Meeting Your Interests and Needs

What is currently top of mind for your institution? What is keeping you awake at night? What are you most interested in learning to help you improve your performance?

Whether you are searching for information that will help your institution understand how to stop a cybersecurity attack; identify what to do when your IT administrator leaves; or recognize the top compliance and security areas where you should focus; our new online Resource Center can help. You’ll find the relevant information you need to help you worry less and focus more on banking.


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Key Features and Benefits

Our Resource Center is designed to not only be useful but easy to use. There is a wide variety of content, ranging from videos to white papers to case studies. You have the freedom to search by topic and browse at your own pace to find the information most valuable to you, in the format you most prefer. When you make a selection, you’re taken to a secure page where you can choose to view the material instantly in our online environment or download it to your computer to view later at your convenience.

Whether you are trying to find a solution to a specific problem, stay on top of the latest trends and industry regulations, or simply discover new insights, our Resource Center allows you to conduct your research in an easy and meaningful way. Here are five features to help you find what you are looking for:

  • Categories – Assets are grouped in three main categories, compliance, technology, and security, allowing you to dive into specific pieces based on these themes.
  • Search box – You can conduct a search by category, keyword, or title to find your desired content faster.
  • Suggested content – Recommendations for related materials are highlighted on each page to help you find the most relevant content based on your search.
  • Dynamic environment – The Resource Center is updated frequently with new materials to provide timely and up-to-date information.
  • Archiving – Most materials remain in the center permanently allowing you to access relevant content on an ongoing basis as your needs change.

An Ever-evolving Resource

The Resource Center will continue to evolve as a virtual library. Website visitors can look forward to encountering a constantly-expanding cache of information making it a worthwhile experience for any financial institution.


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