Safe Systems Launches Enhanced IT Network Management Service for Community Banks, Credit Unions

Chris Banta
Director of Security
and Automation
Marshall Jones
Director of Managed
Services Development

Enhanced IT Network Management

To help ensure community banks and credit unions operate even more efficiently, securely and compliantly, we have enhanced our solutions to better meet our customers’ needs. Our new NetComply One managed IT offering is now available to help financial institutions further decrease costs, increase performance, and improve their compliance posture. We have rebuilt our entire IT network management service using insights gained while managing IT networks for more than 300 financial institutions over the past eight years.

NetComply One

NetComply One removes the burden of maintaining IT networks for community banks by further enabling Safe Systems to manage and monitor a client’s network hardware and software in a holistic manner. This eliminates the need for clients to directly administer challenging and time consuming tasks internally including patch management, anti-malware (optional add-on), and reporting. NetComply One uses automated patch management services to deliver patches for both Microsoft and common 3rd party applications. In addition, it reduces the device exposure through server hardening. Educational resources and Account Management services help prepare banks for IT audits and exams, and reporting shaped by FFIEC guidance all help the bank to meet and exceed regulatory standards.

Additional NetComply One Services

  • A centralized monitoring console with remote control access and monitoring capabilities
  • Dual factor authentication to log into the console
  • More comprehensive network monitoring and alerting function
  • Account Management services including quarterly control self-assessment preparation and meetings, which consist of audits, reviews, and executive meetings
  • Enhanced reporting functions, with reporting based on FFIEC requirements for IT audits
  • Security baseline services to ensure institution servers are secure
  • Online education material and live webinars on compliance and technology

Qualified Alerting

NetComply One also provides enhanced qualified alerting capabilities, which reduces the number of false alerts clients must review, making for a more streamlined and efficient level of service. Through this qualified alerting function Safe Systems engineers will review and validate alerts before they are sent to the bank, nearly eliminating all of the noisy false positives and providing less distractions for the bank’s IT personnel. Safe Systems will continue to constantly monitor and alert on hardware failures, back-up failures, software updates, PC issues, servers, routers, switches, and more.

Redesigned Platform

In addition to delivering an enhanced set of services, Safe Systems has redesigned its underlying IT management and reporting platform to better support Microsoft Windows 10. This technology enhancement is designed to make it easier to implement future platform integrations. We have always brought outstanding IT network monitoring, alerting and reporting to our community financial institution clients. Our research revealed that clients who allowed Safe Systems to fully administer patch management services consistently out-scored other institutions on audits. The integration of our patch management best practices into NetComply One offers bankers a superior way to run their IT networks, enhance IT security, reduce risks, and minimize time spent with auditors.

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