Bank of Wrightsville Enhances Security a Next-Gen Firewall Solution

Bank of Wrightsville Enhances Security a Next-Gen Firewall Solution

Bank of Wrightsville Enhances Security a Next-Gen Firewall Solution

A firewall is a key defense measure to combat cyber threats and having the right firewall solution can provide financial institutions with top-rate protection to meet regulatory requirements as well as useful security tools to identify, analyze, and thwart malicious activity. But does your current firewall security meet these expectations and prepare your institution to scale and reach its IT strategic goals?


Leesa Anderson, Chief Technology Officer at Bank of Wrightsville, wanted to ensure her institution had the right tools in place to ensure network security, meet compliance requirements, and keep banking operations running smoothly. After an IT audit and third-party vulnerability assessment, it was recommended for the bank to update its firewall to include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) inspection. However, at the time, this feature was not available on the bank’s current firewall solution. The bank knew it needed to find a new firewall product to improve the bank’s security posture and meet regulatory expectations.

“We needed to have SSL inspection set up on our firewall solution, but our provider at the time wasn’t offering this capability,” said Anderson. “We began looking for a solution that met all of the basic requirements for firewall protection but also included more of the next-gen features that could help us be more proactive and stay ahead of the curve with our perimeter security.”


After attending Safe Systems’ user conference, Anderson decided to take a closer look at Safe Systems’ Managed Perimeter Defense (MPD) next-gen firewall solution. The solution deploys powerful machine learning algorithms, SSL inspection capabilities, advanced reporting, and alerts to help financial institutions detect and combat malicious activity on the network. After careful consideration, Anderson selected and implemented MPD as the bank was looking to enhance its network security and needed new hardware as well.

Managed Perimeter Defense has provided many benefits to Anderson and her team. Read the full case study to learn how this next-gen firewall solution transformed Bank of Wrightsville’s firewall security and improved its compliance posture.

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