An Eastern Virginia Bank Enhances Compliance with Safe Systems’ NetComply® One Solution

An Southeastern Bank Enhances Compliance with Safe Systems’ NetComply® One Solution

An Southeastern Bank Enhances Compliance with Safe Systems’ NetComply® One Solution

To run a bank efficiently, it is important to have all employees — from the C-suite to the teller line — working towards a common goal of providing quality service, fulfilling strategic business objectives and offering the best products to customers. For many bank IT professionals, this can be a challenge when most of their time is spent managing software updates and reporting and troubleshooting networks, workstations, and applications, all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Chief Information Officer for a Southeastern-based bank with nearly $2 billion in assets ran into this very issue with his IT team. They spent a tremendous amount of time managing the bank’s network and installing updates and patches and did not have time left to handle their other responsibilities at the institution.

This led the CIO to search for a way to streamline processes and enable his staff to focus on higher-value activities like supporting the core business and assisting customers.

The Solution

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After consideration, the bank implemented Safe Systems’ NetComply One service in late 2016. At the time, they were one of our largest customers with hundreds of devices on our network, which made their CIO a little apprehensive. His concerns were quickly put to rest when our team completed the implementation with ease. The CIO was happy that we were able to meet all the needs of the bank by getting NetComply One quickly implemented without downtime at any of the bank’s locations.

With the new IT solution in place, the bank can effectively monitor and manage its IT assets with automated patch management, qualified alerts, and detailed reporting capabilities in a single solution. The NetComply One service provided the CIO with confidence that their IT assets are operating securely and efficiently.


Since working with Safe Systems, the bank has improved IT processes and decreased the amount of time spent on daily IT responsibilities. NetComply One helps them monitor and manage all their devices from one centralized platform, ensuring IT operations run more smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

“With NetComply, we don’t have to spend time managing IT assets and troubleshooting end user issues as we had to in the past. Now, our people can focus on our core systems and applications and setting up systems for new products, allowing us to offer a wider range of services to our customers.”

The bank also benefits from the Strategic Advisor, or dedicated resource, that Safe Systems provides to help guide and advise the bank on initiatives and where the bank wants to go. In addition, NetComply One helps the bank prepare for exams by reducing the amount of time required to produce reports that meet examiner expectations and needs.

“We’ve experienced positive results working with Safe Systems and do consider them an extension of our internal team,” said the CIO. “Aside from the innovative solutions they provide, it is the people that makes Safe Systems such a valued partner to have. I know they want to see us do well, and they help push us towards the results they know we can achieve.”

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