Blue Ridge Bank Improves IT Network Management Process

Blue Ridge Bank Improves IT Network Management Process with Safe Systems’ NetComply One Solution

Blue Ridge Bank Improves IT Network Management Process

Financial institutions rely on technology and their IT personnel to maintain hardware and software and ensure that all systems are functioning optimally when needed. The IT department is also responsible for monitoring an array of on-going network activities like updating antivirus protection, conducting IT network management, efficient patch management, and ensuring email security, to name a few.

As a result, the network administrator position has become one of the most important within financial institutions. However, some community banks only have one person running their IT departments, putting the bank at risk if that person goes on vacation, gets sick, changes jobs, or goes on extended leave.

Blue Ridge Bank, a $112 million institution based in Walhalla, South Carolina, knows about this scenario all too well following the departure of its long-time IT administrator back in December 2016. Following his departure, the bank recognized the need to decentralize the management of its network system by finding a partner with the right expertise and knowledge to efficiently and effectively maintain its system.


The bank sought a trusted technology partner that clearly understood IT and compliance processes for financial institutions and had the expertise to monitor and manage the network efficiently. The bank’s new CEO had previous experience working with Safe Systems while at another bank and recommended they contact the outsourced IT provider. The bank chose to partner with Safe Systems and utilize its NetComply® One IT network management solution.

“Partnering with Safe Systems was an easy decision for us. We liked that the system could increase our network’s performance and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements while also maintaining patch management, qualified alerting, and reporting,” said Eva McGowan, senior vice president and chief operating officer at Blue Ridge Bank. “In addition, the 24/7 monitoring feature that alerts us of any anomalies, unauthorized devices connected to the network, server issues, or any power issues has been a huge time saver for our institution.”


Blue Ridge Bank reported a seamless implementation process of NetComply One and reports that its staff is very pleased with the user-friendly interface. Safe Systems loaded the system on all of the bank’s workstations and servers remotely, and provided thorough training on NetComply One to help the staff understand what to look for and how to manage any network issues that might arise.

Since implementing NetComply One, Blue Ridge Bank has realized significant improvements in the overall management of the network. The bank’s in-house staff no longer has to manage patches manually, monitor workstations, or troubleshoot network issues on daily basis, allowing them to focus on more revenue-generating activities for the bank.

“NetComply One has truly been a game changer for our bank by helping us to achieve our technology and compliance goals and better serve our customers,” said McGowan. “Our Safe Systems strategic advisor has made helpful recommendations on how our bank can improve our processes; implement new technologies and services; and stay abreast of all emerging regulations and trends in the industry. Partnering with Safe Systems has been a terrific experience for our bank.”

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