Your IT Administrator Goes on Vacation: Now What?

Summer is nearing an end, and many employees are getting out of the office for their last vacation before school starts. For the community bank IT network administrator, this can be a challenging time. If you are the only person in the IT department, it can be daunting for both you and the financial institution.

A community bank’s technological assets are every bit as valuable as the money in the vault! Today’s community bank relies on the IT department to maintain its hardware and software and to ensure all systems are available when needed. The department is also responsible for monitoring an array of on-going IT concerns like antivirus status, patch compliance and email security to name just a few.

The FDIC encourages mandatory vacation time for bank employees of all levels, so taking some time off may not be a matter of choice. So, what happens when the key individual who is responsible for this crucial aspect of the financial institution is on vacation?

Many financial institutions are turning to IT and security service providers to act as an extension of their organization and help augment internal IT resources. The right solution provider can serve as a true partner and work alongside current IT staff to manage the network and streamline technology needs. When the IT staff is out or unavailable, outsourcing select IT business processes helps fill the personnel gap and provide added peace of mind to all.

An IT and security service provider can help automate and control many of the administrative functions that normally fall to the IT department, making it less daunting for IT personnel to take time away from the office. These service providers can automate Microsoft and third party patch management and reporting, hardware and software inventory management, vulnerability remediation, and compliance-focused documentation and reporting. Providing the ability to actively monitor network information for diagnostic or security issues not only saves time and improves efficiencies, but also helps the bank extend its hours of support beyond the traditional 9 to 5 hours. This expanded presence is key for IT departments with limited staff.

The right technology service provider should offer your bank full support for the demands of today’s banking technology requirements and truly act as an extension of your internal IT department. At Safe Systems we understand the ever-growing complexity of community banks’ IT operations. By making the decision to partner with Safe Systems, your organization will benefit from time saving automation, an in-depth view of your IT network environment, and additional support in co-managing your IT operations. We want to provide you with assurance that the institution’s IT network is functioning efficiently, optimally, securely, and is in compliance with industry regulations at all times; but, especially when your institution’s key IT personnel are out of the office.

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