Press Release, February 9, 2021

Safe Systems Issues New White Paper on Cybersecurity Challenges for Financial Institutions in 2021

With cyber-attacks continuing to rise, Safe Systems’ educational white paper helps bank and credit union leaders make informed decisions on improving security posture

Alpharetta, Ga., February 9, 2021Safe Systems, a national provider of fully-compliant IT and security services for community banks and credit unions, has released a new white paper, “Improving Security Posture Through Next-Generation Firewall Features.” The white paper provides financial institutions with information on new firewall features to address the challenges of today’s market conditions.

Financial institutions face an ever-expanding volume of threats that challenge their firewall security and overall software health. With a 600% increase in phishing attempts since February 2020, malicious actors are getting craftier, using different schemes to conceal malware, phishing emails and other threats. To ensure data protection and compliance, banks and credit unions face a pressing need to enhance firewall security with next-gen features that improve performance issues while proactively mitigating security risks.

Key takeaways from “Improving Security Posture Through Next-Generation Firewall Features” include:

  • Understanding the importance of log analysis as one of the most crucial assets that financial institutions can possess.
  • Taking a deeper look at the critical need to automate threat identification and analysis.
  • How user training can play an integral role in strengthening an organization’s security posture.
  • The need to employ more next-generation firewall (NGFW) features to stay ahead of bad actors.
  • Details about advanced methodologies for data collection and analysis to improve and maintain security.

“A financial institution’s cybersecurity should always be top of mind to combat against the constant cycle of automated recon, malware and organized attacks. Add in the coronavirus pandemic and working from home, the need for next-generation firewall features to protect your customers and employees is more important than ever,” said Darren Bridges, president of Safe Systems. “In this white paper, we provide banks and credit unions, large and small, with insight into technologies and organizational behaviors that can improve their security posture in today’s digital world.”

About Safe Systems

Safe Systems was founded in 1993 to provide compliance-centric IT and security solutions exclusively to financial institutions. The company has become one of the leaders in the industry, managing hundreds of financial institutions representing more than $61 billion in combined assets, 1,100 locations and more than 20,000 network devices. Safe Systems’ IT network management services are the bridge between the core and other third-party applications. These cost effective solutions include IT support and managed services, internal network/cloud design and installation, hosted email, business continuity and disaster recovery, compliance consulting, security services, and IT and compliance training. Safe Systems helps financial institutions to significantly decrease costs, increase performance, and improve their compliance posture. For additional information about Safe Systems, Inc., please visit or call 770.752.0550.