Press Release, August 1, 2019

Safe Systems Announces New Virtual ISO Solution for Community Banks, Credit Unions

Alpharetta, Ga., August 1, 2019 – Safe Systems, a national provider of fully-compliant IT and security services for community banks and credit unions, today announced the availability of its new ISOversight™ virtual information security officer (VISO) solution, designed to assist financial institutions with addressing the regulatory expectations and responsibilities of the Information Security Officer (ISO).

Many community financial institutions struggle to manage the growing number of ISO responsibilities due to limited resources, overlapping duties, time constraints and inadequate expertise often resulting in suboptimal exam/audit results. With ISOversight, financial institutions can leverage Safe Systems’ software as a service (SaaS) bundle of compliance applications and extensive compliance knowledge to augment the ISO role. The solution includes the audit management, business continuity planning, cybersecurity assessment tool and vendor management applications as well as an information security program, all designed to help financial institutions cover the areas ISOs must oversee as outlined by the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council’s (FFIEC) IT Examination Handbook.

In addition, Safe Systems conducts monthly touchpoint meetings to assess the status of all information security activities and develop a comprehensive summary report designed to provide the institution’s management committee with timely, accurate and relevant information. ISOversight is not designed to replace a financial institution’s in-house ISO but creates an efficient way for information security officers to meet regulatory expectations and accomplish their required monthly, quarterly, and annual activities.

“A financial institution’s ISO is responsible for overseeing and reporting on the information security risks across the institution and is held accountable for the results of the information security program,” said Darren Bridges, president at Safe Systems. “In an effort to alleviate the pressure associated with this challenging role, Safe Systems has developed ISOversight to provide them with the tools, expertise and documentation required to ensure accountability and to adequately satisfy the institution’s IT steering committee, Board, auditors and examiners.”

About Safe Systems

Safe Systems was founded in 1993 to provide compliance-centric IT and security solutions exclusively to financial institutions. The company has become one of the leaders in the industry, managing hundreds of financial institutions representing more than $61 billion in combined assets, 1,100 locations and more than 20,000 network devices. Safe Systems’ IT network management services are the bridge between the core and other third-party applications. These cost effective solutions include IT support and managed services, internal network/cloud design and installation, hosted email, business continuity and disaster recovery, compliance consulting, security services, and IT and compliance training. Safe Systems helps financial institutions to significantly decrease costs, increase performance, and improve their compliance posture. For additional information about Safe Systems, Inc., please visit or call 877.752.0550.