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Data Held for Ransom

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and malicious

Banks Are Targets

With high volumes of sensitive data, community banks and credit unions are often victims of cyber attacks

Extinguish Extortion

Prevent a hacker from holding your customer’s personal data for ransom

You need more than anti-malware and a firewall


of cyber attacks are avoidable, with the right layers


of security incidents involving loss are from insiders

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Ransomware and the Evolving Security Landscape of Today's Financial Institutions

Why Reasons Why Antivirus Isn't Enough Anymore
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Frequently Asked Questions about Scout

What is it ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware, or malicious software, designed with the unique intent on encrypting then blocking an owner’s access to their data or files until a specified sum of money is paid.

How do I stop ransomware?

The best practice against ransomware is a combination of training and software. Training your end users to recognize potential attacks and avoid being an unwitting part of a successful breach is important. In addition to user training, installing an anti-ransomware solution will thwart attempts. Anti-ransomware recognizes and stops the malicious encryption process even before the virus is detected. By stopping the encryption of your data the criminals have nothing to hold for ransom. 

What does anti-ransomware cost?

Safe System’s anti-ransomware solution, Scout, can stop a ransomware from encrypting the infected device, alert someone that the device is infected, and provide a thorough log of events to determine how the device was compromised. There is an annual cost per device, for this valuable protection.

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