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Gain visibility into who may be snooping around your network


Receive notifications when an employee or intruder is attempting to access servers or folders


Experience targeted security that protects against threats like those that compromised several major data breaches

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Why a Layered Defense is the Best Choice for Your Bank's IT Security Program

Why Reasons Why Antivirus Isn't Enough Anymore
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rogue Actor Detection?

A rogue actor is defined as anyone who enters your IT network without authorization, or someone within your organization attempting to access devices or files to which they do not have permission. To defend your bank or credit union, it is important to be aware of any suspicious activity so you can mitigate risks and prevent data loss.

How does Rogue Actor Detection work?

Safe Systems has developed a proprietary solution designed specifically for banks and credit unions, which places banking-specific decoys throughout your IT environment. With this product, we detect when an intruder is present, and alert your IT team of this suspicious activity before any damage is done. This is accomplished with devices configured for each of your branch locations.

What does Rogue Actor Detection cost?

The investment for this valuable layer of security is based on your infrastructure and number of branch locations. The pricing is based on annual contracts with discounts available for multi-year agreements. To get a quote please contact us and we’ll have a representative work with you on a custom quote to add this security layer to help you prevent cybercrime.

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Innovative Solutions Award, Bank News, 2018

Cybercrime is a growing problem faced by community banks and credit unions. The criminals continue to develop increasingly sophisticated tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. It is critical to defend your institution with a variety of security layers as firewalls and anti-malware are simply not enough. Some of the biggest breaches in recent history could have been prevented had the organizations simply known that an intruder was snooping around their network. In fact, on average it takes an organization 191 days to become aware of a compromise. With Rogue Actor Detection, you can detect threats immediately, and remove threats before they cause any damage or loss.

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