Secure Hosted Email

Hosted Email

SafeSysMail is a fully compliant and secure hosted email service for community banks and credit unions.


Microsoft 365

SafeSysMail, powered by Microsoft 365™ email, eliminates the burden of running Microsoft Exchange™ internally, while maximizing productivity. Minimize the costs associated with the implementation, management, compliance, and recoverability of your email system.


Tailored for Financial Institutions

Trusted by over 14,000 banking employees. Enjoy extra layers of protection that are both highly rated by Gartner and used by the US government — including the US Treasury, state and federal banking regulators, SEC, and thousands of financial institutions.

Despite a large number of choices in email providers, many banks and credit unions prefer a solution that provides the highest level of security to meet strict regulatory requirements. Being acknowledged by BankNews readers reinforces our commitment to providing financial industry-specific expertise and solutions.

Services Specifications


Minimum 50 GB per user

With user management functionality

Remote Access

Outlook and Smartphones

  • Using trusted ActiveSync
  • Remote smartphone wipe

Instant Messaging

Securely Chat with Coworkers

  • Chats
  • Screen Sharing


Customized reports for regulators

  • Encryption Report
  • Mailbox Management Reports

Fully Compliant

Reviewed by our ISO yearly for regulatory compliance

  • Data stored in the US
  • Finances available through quarterly stockholder reports
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Redundant to meet RTO needs


One of the most trusted companies in the email encryption industry

  • Seamless encryption between people using the same program — a rarity
  • Automatic encryption of NPI
  • User defined encryption
  • Customizable landing page


SPAM / Antimalware

  • Highly rated by Gartner for over a decade
  • 91% of all incoming email is blocked by the sender blacklist before the email itself is even analyzed for SPAM or malware

Email Archival

All email is archived

You only pay for active users, even though past users’ email remains archived

ISO Review

An annual review from our ISO

  • A write up of our findings
  • Links to key Microsoft documents, easing the burden of vendor management

Installation Support

Conversion management from our Network Operations Center

  • Relatively seamless migration

Product Support

Call-in support from our Network Operations Center

Ideal for Community Banks and Credit Unions Who:

  • Want to eliminate the burden of running email in-house
  • Need an industry-specific email solution that meets strict cybersecurity regulations
  • Are concerned their data is not being stored in the US
  • Need customized reports for regulators (e.g. compliance, user, and encryption)
  • Worry about up-time and redundancy
  • Require layers of security, SPAM filtering, antivirus and on-demand encryption
  • Worry about the cost of implementation, management, compliance, and recoverability of an email system

Ready to get started with secure hosted email?

In recent years community banks and credit unions have placed increased importance on the availability, uptime and security of their email solutions. However, trying to manage email in-house can lead to unnecessary headaches and costs associated with system implementations, management, redundancy, security and recoverability. Our SafeSysMail solution, powered by Microsoft 365, includes added security options, SPAM filtering, antivirus and on-demand encryption designed specifically for community banks and credit unions.