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The easy way to prepare for and respond to all of your audits and exams

Streamline the Process

Import and standardize a variety of file types using the wizard

Centralize Documents

Documents in the central library are easily accessible whenever you need them

Manage Your Resources

Easily assign and track exam and audit activities throughout the year

Report Gathering Made Easy

Easily pull system reports from other Safe Systems services across theSafe®

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Ideal for Community Banks and Credit Unions Who:

  • Desire an easier way to manage the pre- and post- exam process
  • Are tracking down the same pre-exam items and reports over and over
  • Have difficulty determining and tracking which findings to address and why
  • Want to reduce time spent managing multiple audits and exams each year
  • Need an efficient way to monitor employees’ pre- and post- exam commitments
  • Need to actively manage results from vulnerability scans or tests
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    Read the latest Audit Times

    Financial institutions often have 12 or more findings from different exams and audits each year. Tracking and staying on top of the results from each event can be a huge task. Get ahead by centralizing your data into one location. Automate the rigorous, time-consuming preparation process by assigning tasks and receiving reminder updates. For the first time ever, you can have a clear view of how prepared you are for an examiner and find comfort in knowing that you can answer their questions confidently. Audit Trail will help you be more efficient with your preparation, responses, and findings throughout the year.

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