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Compliance as a Service

COMPaas for Credit Unions

COMPaaS® (Compliance as a Service) is a set of connected applications and powerful monitoring and reporting tools that can be customized to target and eliminate your compliance pain points.

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Target and eliminate your institution’s specific compliance pain points

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Gain insight into your network and satisfy examiners with the right reports

Educate staff, expose risks, and empower your institution to manage risk effectively!

Connected Compliance Applications

Leverage technology to streamline time-consuming processes associated with regulatory and reporting requirements

BCP Blueprint Logo

With our easy-to-use application, you can automate the building and maintenance of your business continuity plan to ensure you’re keeping up with changing regulations and compliance trends.

Vendor Management Logo

Our web-based vendor management application helps you better measure and manage vendor risks, automate vendor contract renewal reminders, and generate reports for senior leaders and examiners.

Cybersecurity RADAR

Easily assess your cybersecurity risk and maturity within a user-friendly application that uses the standards set by the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) or the NCUA’s Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET).

Information Security Program Logo

Based on a proven regulatory framework, you can build a customized, interactive, and FFIEC-compliant Information Security Program, complete with notifications, reporting, collaboration, approval processes, and regulatory updates.

Cyber Risk Reporting

Increase visibility across your entire IT network and build knowledge to better interpret and use report data

NetInsight Logo

A reporting tool that runs independently of existing network tools to provide third-party “insight” of IT controls ensuring monitoring meets the requirements of regulators and stakeholders.

Strategic Advisor

With our reporting tools, you receive quarterly meetings with our Strategic Advisors to help you interpret and use the appropriate data.

Cloud Security

Gain an understanding of Microsoft cloud settings to ensure security controls are effective and align with policies

M365 Security Basics Logo

Our first CloudInsight™ offering provides visibility into security settings for Azure Active Directory and O365/M365 tenants to help you document and improve your cloud security.

M365 Engineer

With our reporting tools, you receive quarterly meetings with our certified M365 engineers to help you interpret and use the appropriate data to enhance institution’s security posture.

Network Monitoring

Go beyond anti-malware and firewall solutions with tools that help identify and document suspicious network activity

Lookout Logo

An event log monitoring solution that efficiently combs through all your daily logs and notifies you when any activity needs further review.

V-Scan Logo

A network security solution to scan your entire network, identify vulnerabilities, and provide you with an extensive list in a comprehensive, tailored report.

COMPaaS® Configurator

We understand that every institution has a unique set of requirements, processes, and internal resources to manage and report on compliance. So, you need a unique solution. With COMPaaS, you can customize your ideal solution to target your institution’s specific pain points.

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Take advantage of this special offer

For a limited time, save $1,000 when you buy any eligible service. Restrictions apply.