Disaster Recovery and Banking

Solutions Designed for You

No two financial institutions are alike. Whether it’s the number of branches, asset size, products and services, network configuration or geographic region, each bank and credit union has unique requirements for network disaster recovery.

Effective disaster recovery is not something you can install straight out of the box. At Safe Systems, we partner with each financial institution to find the solution that’s right for its specific needs. We offer a full spectrum of support to meet your recoverability needs, from business continuity plan development to on-premise virtualization solutions and cloud solutions backed up by secure, geographically diverse data centers.

Building a Strong Foundation

Before you buy any new technology, the first step is to understand your existing processes and expectations for recovery. The business impact analysis is the first step to planning for an unforeseen event. This process helps align IT initiatives with management goals, establish expectations and prioritize your critical business processes for recovery.

Bank of Cleveland Case Study

Bank of Cleveland Case Study

Solutions Designed for Your Institution

Our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions can provide your bankor credit union with:

  • Business Continuity Plan Development and Consulting
  • Offsite Data Vaulting
  • SAN to SAN storage and replication
  • High-availability system replication and recovery
  • Virtualization

At Safe Systems, we know that every institution’s needs are different based on your tolerance for down time, your core processor and third party applications, and budget.  Our next step is to set up a meeting with you and one of our technical solution advisers to discuss options specific to you and your situation.   Contact Us to learn more or to schedule a conversation.