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Our easy-to-use interface walks you through each step of the vendor management process to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Manage vendors, products, and renewals with dashboards, reporting, and notifications

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Identify risks of each vendor and product, receiving annual reminders to review

Review Controls

Generate control suggestions based on risk assessments, receiving annual reminders to review

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Vendor Management

What is a vendor management program?

A vendor management program, as required by the FFIEC, enables community banks to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks posed by their vendors.

Why do community banks need a vendor management program?

Vendor Management is necessary for a community bank because the average number and variety of vendors used by community banks has increased in recent years.

Who needs to manage a community bank vendor management program?

Typically, community banks have an Information Security Officer or a Compliance Officer who act as the lead for their vendor management program.

Where can I get help with my community bank vendor management program?

Community banks can get help with their vendor management program through peer groups or industry experts, such as Safe Systems, who support hundreds of banks in this area.

What does a vendor management program cost?

Your cost is determined by a number of factors based on your needs and expectations of a Vendor Management Program. Please click get started to discuss specifics about Safe Systems Vendor Management program and cost.

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As regulators have placed higher importance on how community banks manage their vendors, it is increasingly more difficult to get what you need from a spreadsheet. Our web-based vendor management application ensures compliance, helps you better measure and manage risks, automates vendor contract renewal reminders, and allows you to easily generate reports for senior leaders and bank examiners.

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