Disaster Recovery

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A fully compliant disaster recovery service that is critical to any Business Continuity Plan

Prepare for the Unknown

Moving your critical servers to the cloud as virtual machines can be the most cost effective way to meet DR needs

Made to Order

Since each community bank’s needs are different, we will work to customize a DR solution that is right for you

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The Best Practices for Control and Management of Your Community Bank’s IT

7 Reasons Why Small Community Banks Should Outsource IT Network Management

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Plan

We’ll help you meet your BCP and RTO requirements

Yearly Testing

Receive an annual DR test with a write-up of the results

Cloud Server Vaulting

Secure, geographically diverse data center backups

High-Availability System

Fast recovery of your critical servers via the cloud

Continuum is a fully managed and secure data replication and failover solution designed to help community banks adhere to regulations and ensures business critical data and applications are available in the event of an unplanned business interruption. Shorten recovery time and eliminate the costs, complexities and burdens of managing your own DR failover data center by leveraging our dedicated, redundant system at a fraction of the overall costs.

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