Press Release, June 11, 2018

Safe Systems Conducts Generation Z Focus Group, Releases Insights on Next Generation’s Views on Banking

Alpharetta, Ga., June 11, 2018Safe Systems, a national provider of fully-compliant IT and security services for community banks and credit unions, has released responses from its highly-anticipated focus group on the banking habits of Generation Z. The goal of this focus group is to help financial institutions develop strong relationships with young consumers and enable them to better navigate their financial futures. To learn more about the participants of the survey and their banking preferences, watch the full focus group video here.

Sixteen carefully selected consumers, ages 5-11, were asked hard-hitting questions about their saving and spending preferences. The focus group yielded surprising results, including the groundbreaking realization that young consumers can make more money with coins than cash. Additional findings include:

  • 51% have increased faith in bank security measures to prevent bad guys from stealing their money;
  • 25% of respondents believe that bank vaults may be hiding a new world or perhaps the ocean;
  • 86% wish to spend their money on Legos®, a private jet filled with puppies, electric guitars, or a backyard waterpark; and
  • 74% of respondents believe that money really does grow on trees.

“We wanted to have a little fun in celebrating 25 great years in the financial services industry and bring a little levity to a subject – banking – that’s often perceived as overly serious and maybe even a little boring,” says Darren Bridges, president of Safe Systems. “The truth is that we are passionate about banking and hope that our ‘Kids on Banking’ video reflects that.”

About Safe Systems

Safe Systems was founded in 1993 to provide compliance-centric IT and security solutions exclusively to financial institutions. The company has become one of the leaders in the industry, managing hundreds of financial institutions representing more than $61 billion in combined assets, 1,100 locations and more than 20,000 network devices. Safe Systems’ IT network management services are the bridge between the core and other third-party applications. These cost effective solutions include IT support and managed services, internal network/cloud design and installation, hosted email, business continuity and disaster recovery, compliance consulting, security services, and IT and compliance training. Safe Systems helps financial institutions to significantly decrease costs, increase performance, and improve their compliance posture. For additional information about Safe Systems, Inc., please visit or call 877.752.0550.