Press Release, April 28, 2015

Safe Systems Launches NetComply+; Toolset Designed for Scalable IT Management
Cloud-based solution supports growth, compliance demands, security
April 28, 2015 11:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Safe Systems, a national provider of compliance-centric IT support and hosted services for financial institutions, today announced the availability of its NetComply+ solution, a cloud-based toolset for managing and monitoring a bank’s IT infrastructure from a central location. This provides much needed flexibility when planning for future growth, compliance demands and security requirements.

“NetComply+ is designed with customization in mind,” said Jaime Davis, vice president of education, product management and quality control at Safe Systems. “This solution is for financial institutions that may have larger internal IT departments, or wish to have shared control over its IT management. This solution is built to be a one stop shop for managing a Windows environment in a compliant and scalable fashion.”

This cloud-based service allows the financial institution complete control over the system itself. The IT department can add users, update and patch machines, or write their own scripts to roll out to any of their devices, i.e.; desktops, laptops and servers. Since there is no limit to how many users can be added, banks with active growth strategies can quickly scale up without the need to undertake a major project to do so. All hardware is housed on the Safe Systems secure data center with only a small piece of software on every machine in-house in order to communicate back to Safe Systems and give the machine management capabilities.

NetComply+ features include remote control, event log monitoring, and patching for both Windows and applications such as historically vulnerable programs, Adobe and Java. With compliance demands increasing, it is particularly important for banks and credit unions to be able to prove the controls that it has in place. NetComply+ is compliance-centric and provides extensive customized reporting to help audits run more smoothly and keep a bank on track.

“Safe Systems has a history of developing the right tools for our customers, as their IT needs demand,” said Darren Bridges, president of Safe Systems. “We saw that there was a gap in IT management and monitoring capabilities for institutions in the industry that were growing at a rapid pace needing scalability to manage security and compliance in a more customizable manner. We knew we needed to provide a solution to our banking and credit union customers that gave them the standard reporting and management tools, without compromising the institution’s ability to enhance or build their own IT management tools using our framework. NetComply+ has been able to fill this gap, and we hope to continue to provide such solutions as the industry evolves.”