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09 Apr 2020
American Pride Bank Tackles Information Security Responsibilities with Safe Systems’ ISOversight Virtual ISO Solution

American Pride Bank Tackles Information Security Responsibilities with Safe Systems’ ISOversight Virtual ISO Solution

American Pride Bank Tackles Information Security Responsibilities with Safe Systems’ ISOversight Virtual ISO Solution

With ongoing cybersecurity threats; increased use of third-party providers; and constantly evolving regulatory and reporting requirements, the role of the information security officer (ISO) is even more important in today’s complex banking environment than ever before. However, community bank and credit union ISOs often struggle to keep up with the growing number of responsibilities this role requires – often forced to manage critical tasks with limited resources and a lack of segregation of duties.

The Challenge

Nicole Rinehart, Chief Operations Officer at American Pride Bank, ran into this very issue as the sole IT admin at American Pride Bank. Managing all of the ISO responsibilities, including critical activities such as Board reporting and the production of comprehensive reports for examiners, was difficult to manage due to the many manual processes required.

During a regulatory examination, an examiner recommended the bank focus on having more independence within its ISO duties. The Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) states that all financial institutions must have separation of duties for the ISO role. To accomplish this, the bank began evaluating solutions to help streamline processes and ensure complete oversight of all information security activities.

The Solution

Get a CopyImplementing a Virtual ISO to Improve Compliance Posture  Complimentary White Paper

After consideration, American Pride Bank decided to partner with Safe Systems and implement its ISOversight virtual ISO solution. The service includes a suite of applications and programs to help institutions streamline management of key compliance duties including the CAT, BCP, Vendor Management and Information Security.

In this case, the bank was already leveraging individual components of ISOversight. By converting to the virtual ISO service, they gained additional tools, reports, and expert compliance support. An important part of the solution includes monthly meetings with the Safe Systems compliance team to assess the bank’s information security activities and provide guidance.

The Results

With ISOversight, American Pride Bank has improved its overall preparation and communication of the information security program. All key stakeholders in the bank have access to ISO-related items in real-time, and the information security program is more organized and streamlined, enabling the bank to save time on monitoring and reporting.

“The ISOversight solution has been a game-changer for our bank because now we have a robust process in place working with Safe Systems and a full committee of our team members to ensure all tasks are completed accurately and nothing slips through the cracks,” said Rinehart. “It’s so important to have a process like this, especially when you have limited resources. Safe Systems has truly become an extension of our internal team, helping us to stay on track with ISO responsibilities and ensuring we comply with all regulatory requirements.”

To learn more, read the full case study, “American Pride Bank Streamlines Processes and Improves Compliance Reporting with Safe Systems’ ISOversight Virtual ISO Solution.”

10 Feb 2020
The Value of User Conferences For Banks and Credit Unions

The Value of User Conferences for Banks and Credit Unions

The Value of User Conferences For Banks and Credit Unions

As the financial services industry has become more technology-driven and more complex operationally, user conferences have become key events along with industry association conferences. By providing a venue for banking professionals to collaborate directly with their technology providers and other peer institutions, user conferences represent a proven way for banks and credit unions to extend the ROI of their technology investments. Examiners and auditors recognize the importance of participation in these events and many now expect attendance to gain industry knowledge and strengthen existing vendor relationships.

Regulatory Expectations – Vendor Management

Examiners are increasingly focused on how a financial institution manages their vendors. According to the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) IT Examination Handbook, “User groups are another mechanism financial institutions can use to monitor and influence their service provider. User groups can participate and influence service provider testing (i.e., security, disaster recovery, and systems) as well as promote client issues. Independent user groups can monitor and influence a service provider better than its individual clients. Collectively, the group will constitute a significant portion of the service provider’s business. User groups offer advantages to both the service provider and the serviced institution by allowing customers to discuss and prioritize their concerns…service providers should obtain customer feedback though user groups or customer surveys.”

In addition to effective vendor management requirements, the FFIEC also requires employees of financial institutions to participate in ongoing education and technical expertise to remain in compliance.

Educational Benefits of a Users’ Conference

Regulatory and compliance issues aside, user conferences offer a host of benefits to participating banks and credit unions, such as:

Classroom Training

Well-designed webinars or online training sessions are great resources, but focused, in-person learning, and networking allows attendees to remain current on the latest technology solutions and enhancements, industry developments, and specific products and functionality that your vendor is working on. The opportunity to learn first-hand from industry and subject matter experts, as well as share your own experiences and expertise, really should not be underestimated.
User conference learning opportunities often consist of:

  • Basic and advanced workshops or sessions
  • Issue-focused roundtable discussions
  • Networking opportunities with peers
  • Software demonstrations
  • Professional development courses
  • Hands-on training and consultations with vendors

Best Practices

Many find the greatest value in user conference participation through peer discussions and open Q&A sessions on best practices. These sessions give customers access to some of the best information and insight on how other institutions are utilizing the vendor’s solutions to solve problems and drive efficiencies and profitability.


We know from experience that peer groups serve as the perfect environment to share and exchange ideas, concerns, successes and failures tied to the industry. Many community banks and credit unions share the same worries about technology, compliance, security, and business issues. These events provide a venue for you to hear others’ experiences and tap into their knowledge, providing you the opportunity to make industry friends and gain a trusted group of individuals you can rely on in the future.

The Safe Systems National Customer User Conference, NetConnect™, is less than a month away. This event will bring Safe Systems’ employees and strategic partners together with a variety of banking professionals representing technology, compliance, operations and management roles.

We understand the value of user conferences and we use that opportunity to meet with a selection of customers (Customer Advisory Board) to discuss existing and new products and services that will meet their future business goals.

If you’ve never been to a user conference, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a few of our customers have said:

“Every time I attend, I come away with knowledge and information that can help me do a better job in my organization.”
“It was good to hear feedback from other bankers about Safe Systems as well as make connections and contacts.”
“This is the best opportunity to get a pulse on exactly what’s happening in the IT Banker’s world.”
25 Jul 2019
Resource Center

New Resource Center Features Banking Technology, Security, and Compliance Insights for Financial Institutions

Resource Center

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s important for financial institutions to have access to trusted information related to technology, compliance, and security trends. To help facilitate this, Safe Systems has launched a new online Resource Center which provides community banks and credit unions with access to a centralized knowledge base of free materials. The Resource Center can easily be reached from any page of our website in the top navigation bar.

Meeting Your Interests and Needs

What is currently top of mind for your institution? What is keeping you awake at night? What are you most interested in learning to help you improve your performance?

Whether you are searching for information that will help your institution understand how to stop a cybersecurity attack; identify what to do when your IT administrator leaves; or recognize the top compliance and security areas where you should focus; our new online Resource Center can help. You’ll find the relevant information you need to help you worry less and focus more on banking.


Browse Our Resouces

Key Features and Benefits

Our Resource Center is designed to not only be useful but easy to use. There is a wide variety of content, ranging from videos to white papers to case studies. You have the freedom to search by topic and browse at your own pace to find the information most valuable to you, in the format you most prefer. When you make a selection, you’re taken to a secure page where you can choose to view the material instantly in our online environment or download it to your computer to view later at your convenience.

Whether you are trying to find a solution to a specific problem, stay on top of the latest trends and industry regulations, or simply discover new insights, our Resource Center allows you to conduct your research in an easy and meaningful way. Here are five features to help you find what you are looking for:

  • Categories – Assets are grouped in three main categories, compliance, technology, and security, allowing you to dive into specific pieces based on these themes.
  • Search box – You can conduct a search by category, keyword, or title to find your desired content faster.
  • Suggested content – Recommendations for related materials are highlighted on each page to help you find the most relevant content based on your search.
  • Dynamic environment – The Resource Center is updated frequently with new materials to provide timely and up-to-date information.
  • Archiving – Most materials remain in the center permanently allowing you to access relevant content on an ongoing basis as your needs change.

An Ever-evolving Resource

The Resource Center will continue to evolve as a virtual library. Website visitors can look forward to encountering a constantly-expanding cache of information making it a worthwhile experience for any financial institution.


Browse Our Resouces

21 Feb 2019
Identifying Top Priorities for 2019 - IT Outlook Survey

3 Top Challenges from the 2019 IT Outlook for Community Banking

Identifying Top Priorities for 2019 - IT Outlook Survey

For the third consecutive year, we surveyed community banks and credit unions to gain a better understanding of their current IT situation, top IT priorities and challenges, security and compliance issues as well as future technology investments on the horizon. Our third annual report, “2019 IT Outlook for Community Banking,” analyzes survey feedback from approximately 164 respondents representing a range of community banks and credit unions across the U.S. with asset sizes from less than $100 million to more than $1 billion.

This report is designed to offer community banks and credit unions with valuable peer data that can provide guidance for key IT, compliance and security decisions in 2019 and beyond. The data reinforces that community financial institutions continue to recognize the importance of using technology in the current banking environment and remain committed to investing in new technologies and services as needs evolve. However, they continue to face certain challenges, often related to technology, heading into 2019.

Here are some key IT challenges and trends from the survey results:

Information Security Continues to be the Top Challenge

According to 43% of survey respondents, information security continues to be a top challenge. Falling victim to security breaches and associated attacks is very costly for community banks and credit unions, both from a financial and reputational standpoint. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global cost of cybercrime damages will hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. This includes damage and destruction of data, theft of personal and financial data, and disruption to the normal business operations, among others. In addition, as the number of security threats continues to increase in the financial services industry, regulators are taking a closer look at financial institutions’ policies and procedures to ensure that they can effectively safeguard confidential and non-public information. All of this has led to 57% of respondents planning to strengthen and increase budgets for IT security solutions in 2019.

Personnel Expertise and Resources Becoming a Greater Concern

According to 42% of respondents, having the right personnel resources is now a top challenge for their financial institution. Managing an IT network is a very demanding responsibility. An IT administrator needs to truly understand the increasing complexity of IT operations, continuously changing regulatory requirements, FFIEC compliance guidelines, and evolving security threats. However, many community banks and credit unions are often located in areas that lack the qualified personnel resources to efficiently manage these responsibilities, making it financially challenging for them to employ the seasoned IT technology team required. This trend is encouraging community financial institutions to augment their IT departments with outsourced service providers who are able to help them navigate technology, security, and compliance required today.

Keeping Up With Changing Customer Expectations Continues to be a Challenge

Download the PDFThe 2019 IT Outlook for Community Banking Get a Copy

Approximately 42% of survey respondents claim that keeping up with changing customer expectations is their greatest challenge moving into the New Year. The advancement of technology, online banking services, compliance and regulatory requirements plus the growing demand from customers to have 24/7 access to their financial lives, have made the business of banking more challenging. This challenge has led to many institutions making additional technology investments in customer satisfaction or solutions to better meet market needs. According to 55% of survey respondents, this is the main reason or factor for making technology investments in the coming year. Customer satisfaction has become increasingly important and delivering a great customer experience is what gives banks and credit unions a competitive advantage.

Other areas of survey respondents mentioned as challenges include automating manual processes, managing budget restraints, eliminating redundant technology, remaining compliant with changing regulations, reporting and exam preparation, disaster preparedness, and providing secure mobile technology. This is the first year mobile technology was mentioned, but it is no surprise, as more and more consumers are turning to their mobile phones for basic banking tasks, such as depositing checks, checking their balances, and transferring money between accounts.

To gain more insights into the key challenges, goals and opportunities facing banks and credit unions today, please download the full report here.

07 Feb 2019
Featured Blog Image for Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan

Safe Systems’ “Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan” Video Series on Managed Cloud Services Now Available

Safe Systems Launches Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan Educational Video Series

The first course in our educational video series, “Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan,” is now complete and available! The series, launched in December 2018, is designed to educate and inform our customers and friends in financial services on the technology trends and issues that are impacting our industry on a day-to-day basis. Our Chief Technology Officer and recognized expert in banking technology, Brendan McGowan, acts as the “professor,” taking a humorous approach to complex and challenging topics related to technology, compliance and security. We believe Brendan’s expertise, knowledge and insights ensure each video is a valuable resource.

The first video series focuses on the cloud and features six video lessons, each approximately 2-3 minutes long, for subscribers to view. In each, Brendan addresses common questions, dispels myths, and offers advice on the best way to think about — and successfully implement — a cloud strategy. Each video is hosted on YouTube as well as this website.

This subscription-based series features video lessons sorted by topic that can be watched at the viewer’s own pace and convenience, and serves as a way for us to share some of our expertise gained from 25 years of serving financial institutions.

We invite you to subscribe to “Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan” to gain access to upcoming lessons, as well as exclusive content or advance notice when new lessons become available.

To view the video and subscribe to the series, visit “Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan.”


19 Dec 2018
Safe Systems Launches Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan Educational Video Series

Safe Systems Launches “Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan” Educational Video Series

Safe Systems Launches Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan Educational Video Series

Safe Systems launched a new educational video series, “Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan,” to help educate and inform customers and the financial services industry on trends and issues the industry is dealing with on a day-to-day basis. Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan will showcase our Chief Technology Office, Brendan McGowan, who is an expert in all things related to banking technology.

Each video is a small bite of information (approximately 2-3 minutes in duration) that teaches viewers complex technology, compliance, and security topics. The videos will be sorted by topic and can be watched at the viewer’s own pace and convenience.

This video series is subscription-based and a way for us to help educate our customers by leveraging the expertise gained from 25 years serving community financial institutions. As the industry continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace, our knowledgeable staff serves as a valuable asset to guide our customers and help them ensure compliance, streamline processes and provide superior service in their communities. Brendan’s expertise, knowledge, and insights in banking technology will ensure each video is a valuable resource for the industry.

Here at Safe Systems, Brendan oversees the development of strategic technology solutions that support key banking initiatives for community banks and credit unions and enhance their ability to manage IT in an effective and compliant manner. In 2016, he was named to Georgia Southern University’s 2016 40 Under 40 List, which highlights professionals who represent the best young leaders under the age of 40.

The first Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan video series focuses on Managed Cloud Services, a broad topic where Brendan addresses common questions, dispels myths, and offers advice on the best way to think about and implement a cloud strategy. Each video is hosted on YouTube as well as this website. Subscribers can not only gain access to upcoming lessons, but also exclusive content or advance notice when new lessons become available.

The first two video lessons in the Managed Cloud Services series are now live on our website. To view the video and subscribe to the series, please watch below or visit the Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan page.


05 Dec 2018
Watch More Kids on Banking

More Kids on Banking

This year marks our 25th Anniversary and to honor the occasion, we developed Kids on Banking, which is designed to let us reminisce about our own childhood memories of going to the bank with our parents. While the banking industry has changed quite a bit since we were kids, and most trips to the bank and ATM have been replaced with the use of online banking and the simple use of an app, we were left wondering what it was like to see the banking environment through the eyes of kids today.

So, we asked a few, ranging in age from 5-11 years old for their unscripted opinions on banking and what exactly they think happens in a bank. They were very creative and had some insightful opinions that provided us with enough content to develop not one — but two — videos!

One of the questions we asked was, “How much money is inside the safe at a bank?” Apparently, banks today house a “thousand trillion billion dollars,” or “$399,” or maybe just “$100 or $50.” When it comes to saving money, we learned that “mostly money is saved for college or toys, but mostly toys!”

Watch More Kids on Banking

According to the kids, ATMs are for giving out money. All you have to do is put in a card, type a long random number and then “about a trillion dollars will start coming out.” If only this were true.

According to these kids, the president of the bank is responsible for signing papers and writing a lot of words, controlling the money and taxes, keeping the money safe, telling everyone when to “shut the door in case of a robber” and “people even come to the president to deliver grilled cheese.”

The pneumatic air tube is a favorite piece of banking equipment. It is “the thing that goes Fwsshhh straight up to the man upstairs!” It also is the thing that delivers lollypops and bills.

The kids really got us laughing and reminiscing about how we thought about banking when we were younger.

Check out our second video, More Kids on Banking, for a good laugh and help us celebrate a quarter century of serving community banks and credit unions.

For the last 25 years Safe Systems has worked with more than 600 financial institutions and managed more than 20,000 network devices. Safe Systems has found great success in helping community financial institutions significantly decrease costs, increase IT performance, enhance cybersecurity processes and improve their compliance postures.

26 Nov 2018
Identifying Top Priorities for 2019 - IT Outlook Survey

Identifying Top Priorities for 2019: Participate In Safe Systems’ Annual IT Outlook Survey for Banks and Credit Unions

Identifying Top Priorities for 2019 - IT Outlook SurveyWe want to hear from you for our annual industry report examining how community banks and credit unions plan to meet their IT, compliance and security needs in 2019.

To better understand banks’ and credit unions’ current IT situation, we have been surveying community banks and credit unions for the last 3 years. Our previous reports highlighted top IT priorities, IT challenges, security concerns and compliance issues, as well as what technologies and investments banks and credit unions plan to leverage in the coming year. We share the information gathered by publishing a white paper; last year’s was “2018 IT Outlook for Community Banks and Credit Unions.” The report is designed to provide community banks and credit unions with valuable peer data that can provide guidance for key IT, compliance and security decisions.

Looking back on 2018, some of the trends we saw included:

  1. Cybersecurity and Information Security Continue to Challenge Banks and Credit Unions
  2. Cybersecurity was the greatest security challenge banks and credit unions foresaw for the year ahead and information security was also a top challenge.

  3. Compliance Continues to be a Challenge
  4. Managing strict, ever-changing government regulations and guidelines is the greatest IT compliance challenge, which has led to the increasing trend of outsourcing compliance needs.

  5. Outsourcing Remains Beneficial and Important for Smaller Institutions
  6. With limited internal resources and expertise, community financial institutions continue to augment their IT departments with outsourced service providers who are able to help them navigate the IT changes and meet examiner expectations.

  7. Technology Investment Continues
  8. Community financial institutions continue to recognize the need for investing in new technologies and services.

  9. Both Community Banks and Credit Unions Have the Same Pain Points
  10. The results indicated that both credit unions and community banks experience many of the same issues related to compliance, IT challenges and staffing constraints.

Other areas the survey focuses on include IT management issues, audit and exam preparation, additional technology challenges, vendor management, business continuity planning, reasons for change and implementation of new services and cloud usage.

We hope you will participate in the 2019 IT Outlook by taking our survey. By completing the survey, you will gain access to this comprehensive year-end report. Your anonymous responses will be aggregated to provide detailed graphs, charts and plenty of insight amongst your peers in the community financial industry.

Begin Survey
31 Oct 2018
NetConnect 2018

Preparing for the Future: The Value of Safe Systems’ NetConnect Customer User Conference

NetConnect 2018

Safe Systems hosted its 2018 NetConnect Customer User Conference October 2-4 in St. Simons Island, Georgia. The three-day conference was designed to bring customers, employees, and vendor partners together to exchange ideas and learn about key technology, compliance, and security best practices and solutions. Banks and credit unions from around the country attended to listen to inspiring keynote speakers and attend sessions designed to educate, motivate, and drive success. The event also included a tradeshow made up of a dozen vendor partners offering additional products and services to Safe Systems’ customers. One of the most critical meetings held during the event is the customer advisory meeting, where the Safe Systems management and product development teams gather feedback from a subset of customers on existing and future products and services.

A key goal of this year’s conference was to provide our banking and credit union customers with the necessary tools and guidance to develop comprehensive cybersecurity programs; meet stringent regulatory demands; and build successful institutions. The event began with an entire day of pre-conference training focused on information security threats, including cyber threats. As these threats continue to evolve, the need for effective IT management and efficient risk management increases. This professional development opportunity helped cultivate the skills needed to effectively create and maintain a comprehensive information security program; communicate effectively with the board; and improve vendor management processes.

NetConnect 2018

This year’s keynote speaker was Bill Treasurer, CEO of Giant Leap Consulting, and author of numerous books about courageous leadership. His speech, “Leading with Courage”, focused on practical strategies for building courageous workers that seek out leadership opportunities, how to step up to challenges, offer innovative ideas, passionately embrace change, and become more productive.

In addition, one of the guest speakers, Erich Kron, a security awareness advocate, led a session on “Hacking the Users: Developing the Human Sensor and Firewall,” which focused on how banks and credit unions can turn people into effective attack sensors and human firewalls. He discussed the real goal of security awareness training, the politics of phishing your users, and how to deal with repeat offenders.

NetConnect provided an atmosphere where customers could exchange ideas and learn more about the latest technologies and trends in the financial services industry. Safe Systems’ product managers led educational sessions, focused on the company’s solutions and services customers use every day, to provide expert training and share tips and tricks to help streamline processes. Safe Systems’ compliance and security teams also led informative sessions and interactive workshops on relevant compliance topics and trends, including how to manage or push back on examiners; steps to take after completing the cybersecurity assessment tool (CAT); and how to respond to and recover from a cyberattack.

NetConnect 2018

During the conference, Safe System’s employees and customers celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary. For more than two decades, Safe Systems has worked with more than 600 financial institutions and managed more than 20,000 network devices. Safe Systems has found great success in helping community financial institutions significantly decrease costs, increase IT performance, enhance cybersecurity processes and improve their compliance postures. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we have a solid understanding of what is coming down the pipeline, how to anticipate trends and have gained a unique perspective into what our customers need. Our talented employees work hard to build strong relationships with our clients and pride themselves on the quality customer service they provide.

Safe Systems strives for the NetConnect event to be an engaging and educational experience where bankers and credit union professionals can gain valuable knowledge on technology, compliance, and security. The company values the customer partnership and the opportunity to seek their direct feedback on current and future services which will ensure success for both parties. Safe Systems continues to provide products and services to help community banks and credit unions strengthen their institutions and build success. Our solutions, combined with our customer service and advisory, arm our customers with the resources they need to succeed in today’s financial environment and beyond.

09 Jul 2018
Kids on Banking Blog Featured Image Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Kids on Banking

Kids on Banking, The Ocean

There were many activities leading up to March 17, 2018, including pre-production meetings, casting calls and location scouts. The whole idea started a full year earlier, when the Safe Systems’ marketing team attentively listened to two very famous speakers, Morgan Spurlock (documentary filmmaker) and Seth Godin (author) encourage the audience to create content that was not about their own products or even their own company. As it so happened, Safe Systems was approaching the milestone achievement of 25 years in business, so this was the catalyst to build a business case and move forward with the experts’ advice.

The production crew came from as far as Akron, Ohio and assembled at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville, SC at 6:30 am. The day was carefully orchestrated with mothers, fathers and kids arriving every hour. While in the waiting room the kids were drawing pictures about banking topics to get them in the right mindset. After going through hair and makeup they were finally brought in for their on-camera interviews. Of course, the whole project was a gamble as it was totally unscripted. We really did not know if the kids would say anything funny at all. As it turned out, we were laughing the entire day and are so excited about the finished product. The now infamous Kids on Banking video has been viewed and shared more than 26,994 times so far across various platforms.


Here’s a peek behind the scenes!


Behinds the Scenes, Kids on Banking

Behinds the Scenes, Kids on Banking


How would they spend $50?

You may recall we asked the kids on camera if they had $50 how they would spend it. At the end of each interview, each child was surprised with a Safe Systems wallet and $50 bill. So, we thought it would be fun to find out how the kids actually spent the money. (Did they really buy a water park and put it in their backyard?) Well, no, but there were several nice stories sent in to us that we want to share.

Most kids saved a portion of their earnings and then made some strategic purchases with the “disposable income.” Max and Zoe are siblings…and as they stated in the video, purchased Lego® sets. Cohen bought new Pokémon© cards and Sarah Spratlin (her ambition was to buy a private jet and fill it full of puppies) bought a book about the history of The Avengers for her 11 year old brother as a birthday gift.

Chloe loves unicorns! Her shopping trip resulted in the acquisition of 2 new stuffed unicorns, 1 unicorn pen, and a toy for her hamster.


Chloe, Kids on Banking


Hudson and Caleb are brothers. As you may recall they both wanted to purchase animals (maybe even all the animals in the world). Well…they did buy a new snake (and a car racing kit) but also divided up their earnings to save for the future and give to others in need.


Caleb and Hudson, Kids on Banking


We have enough footage from that day to create another video. Watch our website, social media pages, and your inbox for the upcoming release of Kids on Banking 2 coming to YouTube this fall. In the meantime, we highly recommend you watch (and share often) the first video so you won’t be lost in the upcoming sequel.

#kidsonbanking #safesystems25

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