Safe Systems Enhances Email Platform for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Email is a key communication and business tool in the banking world.  Despite a large number of choices in email providers, many banks and credit unions prefer a solution that is tailored for the specific needs of the financial services industry. For many small-to-medium businesses, an off-the-shelf email platform will fit their needs. However, for a community bank or credit union, the highest levels of security and confidentiality are necessary to meet strict regulatory requirements.

Customized Email Platform for Financial Institutions

To better meet our customer’s needs, Safe Systems’ hosted email exchange solution, SafeSysMail, which received the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award for best Consulting/Outsourcing/Training solution, is now powered by Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.  Our email offering comes with added layers for compliance and security, making it a great choice for financial institutions. The platform eliminates the burden of running Microsoft Exchange internally, while maximizing availability. With SafeSysMail, you can eliminate the operational headaches and minimize the costs associated with the implementation, management, and security of your email system.

Better Meet Regulatory Requirements

SafeSysMail features high data privacy, security, confidentiality, integrity and availability standards that adhere to the FFIEC guidelines on managing cloud vendors. Safe Systems reviews Microsoft’s O365 platform yearly and provides the customer with a copy of our risk assessment documentation.  Office 365 also offers a Service Trust Portal for easy access to documentation required for vendor due diligence.  Email archival is also offered as an optional add-on through a third party provider that is more closely aligned with financial institution needs.

Key SafeSysMail Features

With SafeSysMail, financial institutions receive a hosted email solution bundled with the features financial institutions need to secure and manage their email, including:

  1. Email encryption — Our encryption solution is used by federal banking regulators, 20 state banking regulators, multiple divisions of the US Treasury, the SEC, and more than 1,600 financial institutions.
  2. SPAM and Antimalware protection
  3. Advanced scanning of email — including over 200 attachment file types as well as advanced encryption verification reporting
  4. Mobile device access — for Active Sync compliant devices
  5. Customized reporting — specifically designed for financial institutions and compliance needs
  6. Support from Safe Systems — No need to call Microsoft directly if you encounter issues. Safe Systems has trained customer service representatives available to provide support for the service. In addition, Safe Systems staff constantly reviews security issues and personally responds to them protecting the financial institution from potential malware or spoofing attempts.
  7. Vendor management packet — including our risk assessment documentation and guidance for accessing additional due diligence information
  8. Enhanced Email Archival


While SafeSysMail is powered by Microsoft’s cloud email solution, it is designed exclusively for financial institutions. SafeSysMail includes extra layers of protection including products highly rated by Gartner and used by the government for scanning email for SPAM, viruses, and on demand encryption. Working with one of the largest providers of hosted services designed exclusively for financial institutions and their specific needs offers the peace of mind and confidence that your bank’s email will be compliant, protected and available.

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