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Spring has officially sprung. This week we’re saying goodbye to the winter months with a look at some of the top stories in this edition of Safe Systems’ news in review.

This week’s highlights include banking industry discussion centered on security, social media and Windows XP, which is soon reaching its end of life support from Microsoft. Here are some of the stories we’ve been reading:

BankInfoSecurity: End of XP Support — Are Banks Really Ready?

Financial institutions have long known about the coming end of Microsoft Windows XP support, and many have either upgraded their institutions machines or have made plans to do so sometime in the near future. Now, as we get closer to that April 8, 2014 end of life date, the industry has begun to analyze the threat of keeping XP past its first-party support expiration date.. While there’s some debate as to the number of specific zero-day threats that are stockpiled for unsupported XP machines, there’s a consensus that the biggest threats to banks and credit unions might come from customers and third-party providers.

Bank Technology News: Many Americans Blame Merchants for Data Breaches — Survey

In the aftermath of recent data breaches of Target and Neiman Marcus, it would appear most customers hold the retailer accountable for their sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Bank Technology News reports on a stucy that found 60% believe the merchant is responsible for the fraud taking place.

Credit Union Times: Threat of the Week — XP Menace Multiplies

Although there are some credit unions that have upgraded from Windows XP, nearly every financial institution is aware that Microsoft is soon ending support. What they are beginning to grasp is the potential risk presented by customers who access high risk services such as online banking and remote deposit capture with their own machines, many of which still run Windows XP. Read additional coverage about this story here.

BankNews: Consumers Find Banks’ Use of Social Media Annoying, Boring or Unhelpful

A recent study from Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group indicates the majority of customers won’t use a social network to solve a problem with their bank, BankNews reports. In fact, 90% of customers would rather solve a problem with their bank out of the public eye and face to face with a banker. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t complain in public.

The Financial Brand: 10 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your Institution’s Website

Despite what the proverb says, people still tend to judge a book by its cover. In Internet terms, at least, customers often base their judgement about a brand by what they see on the company’s homepage. This article lists 10 common mistakes in website design that many financial institutions make.

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