Matt Gunn, Managing Editor | TechComply

The mid-point of October is upon us (and so is the six-month countdown before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP). With this week’s news in review, we take a look at some of the technology and banking news that highlighted the week behind us.

BankInfoSecurity: What Happens When Windows XP Support Ends?

As we covered in TechComply earlier this week, the FFIEC released a joint statement warning banks and credit unions of the fast-approaching end of Windows XP’s life. BankInfoSecurity followed the news with a deeper dive into the implications this could have on information security once Microsoft stops releasing new patches for the old operating system. There’s about six months to go before April 8, 2014, when Microsoft’s official support ends. As Safe Systems CTO Brendan McGowan recommends, most financial institutions still on the old OS should plan for an upgrade sometime in the next 12 months. For those who don’t wish to undertake such an operation on their own, there are options available for professional assistance.

Bank Technology News: Smarter Perps, Better Collaboration Mark Banks’ Cybersecurity Battle – Aite

The number of information security threats financial institutions face continues to grow, and the people organizing attacks are getting smarter, better and more cooperative with each other. Bank Technology News discusses the ongoing battle with consultant Aite Group.

Bank Innovation: IT Infrastructure Reporting – Do You Have a Winning Game Plan?

Jack Henry’s Jeremy Taylor writes for Bank Innovation about the need to align relevant data and reporting structures to ensure the financial institution is making the most effective decisions possible. He goes on to mention managed IT offerings to help facilitate this. For further reading on the subject, don’t miss Safe Systems’ latest eGuide, Driving Compliance through Technology: How Automation and Documentation can Improve an Institution’s Compliance Posture. Download a free copy here.

Computerworld: CIOs Rake in the Big Bucks

In case there was any doubt as to the importance of senior technology officer’s in today’s workplace, Computerworld did an analysis of CIO pay across industries. What was the verdict? It pays to work up to the senior levels of information technology.

InfoWorld: 5 Things to Consider While Preparing for the End of BlackBerry

The rise of the iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets has taken a heavy toll on BlackBerry, once the king of corporate messaging and email. With the company up for sale and the continuing decline of popularity of BlackBerry’s devices, InfoWorld takes a look at how organizations can prepare should the suffering business fail.