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September is fast drawing to an end. With another week in the books, it’s time to look back and review the information technology and financial news highlights from the last full week of September, 2013. As has been the case this summer, information security — and particularly malware and hacker stories — have been a hot topic. Though now that we’re inching into the final quarter of the year, stories looking ahead to the top trends of 2014 are already starting to emerge.

Here are five of the top news articles from this week: 

Bank Technology News: Insider Threat Rises, Info Security Officers Say

Of all the threats financial institutions face in protecting sensitive banking and customer information, one of the most frightening has to be those that come from within. Bank Technology News highlights the growing trend of insider threats, or those instances where a staff member or officer with access to sensitive information becomes the target of cybercriminals. Should the credentials of privileged staff fall into the wrong hands, it can represent a pretty serious threat. A survey from Enterprise Strategy Group indicates that more than half of data security experts at big companies view these insider threats as being more difficult to handle than they were just two years ago.

BankInfoSecurity: Spear Fishing — How to Fight Back

Latching on to that same subject of insider threats, BankInfoSecurity discusses the rise of spear fishing attacks on bank employees. These targeted attacks are one way fraudsters are obtaining the credentials of various staff members of financial institutions that can later be used to steal valuable data. The story indicates that a general lack of awareness of these types of threats make community bankers particularly susceptible to these types of attacks.

eWeek: Cloud Storage Strategies Could Reduce Data Loss

Recent surveys indicate nearly two-thirds of IT professionals say their organizations are currently using cloud storage, with another 23 percent planning to adopt it in the future, according to this eWeek article. While the data is not specific to just the financial services industry, it does show that cloud adoption has clearly reached the mainstream. And the effect could mean improved performance when it comes to disaster recovery. Although offsite tape backup is still utilized by nearly half of those surveyed, about 24 percent are now using the cloud. Of course, as we’ve mentioned recently in this blog, banks and credit unions have their own set of challenges when choosing the right provider.

CIO: 10 Steps to Ensuring Your IT Outsourcing Deal Fails

This list on CIO highlights 1o common problems that occur within IT outsourcing deals that go wrong. They range from lack of definition and lax governance to a lack of contingency planning and proper vendor management.

Computerworld: 8 Hot IT Skills for 2014

Already looking ahead at the trends that will shape the future of information technology, Computerworld published this list of key IT skills for 2014. What’s going to be in demand? Skills like programming and application development, help desk and technical support and networking.

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