Save the planet one virtualized server at a time

by dell.

Matt Gunn, Managing Editor | TechComply

Listen to any IT enthusiast long enough and you’ll likely come across the topic of virtualization at some point.

It saves on server sprawl, it takes up less space, it can save money, it makes more efficient use of hardware, it saves the planet. Wait. What? Virtualization can save the planet?

For most IT professionals and executives in the banking industry that might be a bridge too far. But that didn’t stop Dell from creating this nifty infographic on just how much money and resources one virtualized server could save. At the institutional level, one virtual server could reduce electricity usage by about 7000 kilowatt-hours annually. That could mean as much as $700 in savings each year on electric bills. That’s not an insignificant number for a lot of small financial institutions. And we’ve recently looked at virtualization’s effect on streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Those savings are theoretically passed all along the manufacturing line, further reducing electricity use, emissions, the need for raw materials and waste, according to the chart.

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