As we get ready to for the unofficial end of summer, we end our week with the news in review. Here are five headlines in banking and technology to close out August, 2013.

ABA Banking Journal: FBI Chief Calls for Public-Private Cooperation to Fight Cybercrime

Cyber threats have become a seemingly common occurrence in the last couple years. Bad news is the trend might not be slowing down any time soon. FBI director Robert Mueller III believes the best way to combat this ongoing scourge is through public and private partnerships, not unlike those used to fight terrorism, the ABA Banking Journal reports. The intelligence chief discussed a number of steps that have already been taken in the fight against cyber crime during a cyber security conference at Fordham University.

Bank Technology News: Banking Trojans Dominated Spam Malware in July

Citing data from Kaspersky Lab, Bank Technology News reports that July was a heavy month for banking trojans. These malware, often attached to email, have become more popular, even though spam and phishing schemes have seemingly leveled off. Variants of the Zeus and Zbot trojans remain popular, while Trojan-Spy.html.Fraud.gen was the most popular malicious software in July. These types of attacks often go undetected by users, working behind the scenes to gather personal information, such as online banking login credentials or other data that can be used to infiltrate an account.

PCWorld: Not Even Long Passwords Will Save You From a Hack Attack

Piling on to the growing threat of malicious software is this story from PCWorld explaining that long passwords are not necessarily any better at protecting users from hackers than short ones. A new password cracking software known as ocl-Hashcat-plus is capable of breaking passwords of up to 55 characters in length.

InfoRiskToday: Warning – A New DDoS-Fraud Link

Perhaps we’re piling on the information security threat stories in this week’s news roundup, but that also goes to show that this stuff is top of mind in the media and beyond. In this InfoRiskToday piece, Garner analyst Avivah Litan explains how some ne’er-do-wells see DDoS attacks as great smokescreen in a larger account takeover scheme.

InformationWeek: 6 Ways to Develop Internal IT Talent

Great IT personnel are not always easy to come by. And keeping those key individuals engaged while ensuring they meet their own career goals can be critical to employee retention. InformationWeek highlights six strategies, from training to corporate culture that can help an institution develop its in-house IT employees.

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