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The TechComply Five for Friday is back with our weekly selection of news from the world of banking and technology. Here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

ABA Banking Journal: BYOD Prep — Five Risk Controls to Implement Now

The Bring-your-own-device phenomenon is changing the way companies think about IT security, writes Tom Hinkel, Safe Systems VP of compliance services in the ABA Banking Journal. More people are getting more smart devices and expecting to be able to use those tools in their professional lives. Here are five risk controls to implement right now.

Yahoo! Finance: Smishing — A Serious Identity Threat

And as more people use more mobile devices to do more things, cyber attackers are finding more ways to exploit whatever weaknesses possible. This article in Yahoo! Finance covers “smishing” or SMS phishing and its impact on security.

Wall Street & Technology: 122% Increase in Financial Services Cyber Attacks During Q2

Sensing a theme in this week’s news in review? Wall Street and Technology takes a look at a recent report that claims cyber attacks on financial services companies are continuing to skyrocket. To wit, a person is seven times more likely to experience an email attack affecting their banking services than any other sector.

Talkin’ Cloud: The Top-100 Cloud Services Providers List and Research

Industry publication Talkin’ Cloud released the results of its annual survey on the top cloud services providers, a list that spans providers serving multiple sectors and specialties. And making its debut on the list this year is Safe Systems at No. 61 — one of the few who specialize exclusively on the banking industry.

TechCrunch: Microsoft Will Rebrand SkyDrive After it Settles Trademark Case with Sky Broadcasting

Just when you figured out how to disable SkyDrive in Office 2013, now ¬†you’ll have to go and disable something else. Sort of. Microsoft and Sky Broadcasting are just settling a dispute over the Sky name, and it looks like Microsoft will have to rename its cloud storage service.

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