Infographic by Lebara

Matt Gunn, Managing Editor | TechComply

Think technology is changing quickly? How about the words used to describe it? The language and terminology of tech is an amalgamation of new and old words seemingly mixed and matched and repurposed at whim (as shown above).

Speaking personally, I’m old enough to remember when the term “You’ve got mail” stood for more than a late-90s rom com and the cloud was simply water vapor floating in the sky. Lately, my mind has been in the clouds, but mostly because we’ve been finishing up a new eGuide on cloud computing compliance (download it free right here). Today we’re bombarded with friend requests and likes, we don’t get sick when we’re exposed to things that have gone viral, and tapping no longer requires special shoes and years of dance lessons.

We grow accustomed to new tech terms all the time. But keep in mind, sometimes new words end up replacing the old, whether it’s because the technology changed or perhaps the culture around it. Going back to the cloud, for instance, many of the services you might have lumped under hosted services or the service bureau.

Either way, the language we use changes relatively quickly. No one surfs the web like they used to (or at least they don’t call it that any more).


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