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This week in the news, we saw lots of interesting stories on the subjects of cybersecurity, regulation, mobilization and future trends. Here’s a selection of five of the stories we’ve been reading in the news this week.

Bank Systems & Technology: 4 Things Banks Need to Know About DDoS Attacks

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack continues to be a hot topic of conversation among the banking and technology publications. This piece in Bank Systems & Technology provides some practical knowledge about these types of threats and what components go into an effective mitigation plan, should a DDoS ever be aimed at the institution.

BankInnovation: Who’s Leading the Mobile Banking Revolution

The last few years have seen some of the biggest advances in personal electronic banking services of all time. And banks and credit unions continue to roll out new and innovative mobile banking solutions aimed at customers and members on the go. This infographic posted by BankInnovation brings some visual flair to some of the biggest statistics in mobile banking adoption.

BankInfoSecurity: Is Mobile Guidance on the Way?

With new technologies sometimes come new regulations. BankInfoSecurity explores the question of whether new guidance might be on the way as more banks offer more services via the mobile channel. Specifically, the article speculates the FFIEC may institute some form of guidance on layered security within the next 12 months. The jury’s still out whether guidance is forthcoming or if, as with social media, we’ll see a new statement to interpret existing guidance as it applies to the new technology.

BankNews: ICBA — Greatest Threat to Financial System is Too Big to Fail

The Independent Community Bankers Association gave Congress a bold statement on the potential threat mega-banks and financial institutions bear on the entire industry, according to this BankNews article. Even after the financial crisis, the ICBA argues, the biggest banks continue to grow, while the new regulations meant to steady the system ultimately affect the smallest institutions the most.

 GigaOM: PCs, Tablet Shipments to be Nearly Even in 2014, According to Gartner

Tablets continue their meteoric rise in popularity among the general public, according to this post from GigaOM that cites IT market research firm Gartner. Though banks and enterprises haven’t quite seen the same mobile device takeover in the branch or office, the general public is buying up tablet computers at a pace that will soon rival PC sales.

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