The password.

Whether you love them, hate them or always forget them, passwords are a key element in the foundation of sound network security.

And, as headlines often decry, passwords are still a weakness for many businesses and financial institutions. All too often do you hear about data breaches where the first target for bad guys are the usernames and credentials of that system’s users, whether it’s a social network, brand or financial services provider. Just last month, for instance, an estimated 50 million passwords were stolen from group deals site LivingSocial. That’s 50 million customers who were asked to change their passwords, then left to worry about whether their credit or debit card information was accessed as a result of the heist.

Too often people write them down on a piece of paper, share them with others or use all-too common phrases and number combinations (12345 anyone?) that are easily guessed. But when your network is protecting sensitive personal and financial information, it’s all the more crucial to protect yourself from the hackers, keyloggers, spear phishers and other bad actors out there. The password is the first level of defense.

In this brief video we cover the basics, with helpful tips and tricks to creating strong passwords, and share a few ways you can more securely protect your information.

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