Jamie DavisJamie Davis, VP, Education, Product Management, and Quality Control

“Thanks for the two recorded webinars last month, I enjoyed them.  Do you mind if I link to these to share with my customers?”

We’ve received questions similar to this after we released our new webinar series last month.  Safe Systems has taken a different approach to our educational webinars over the last couple of months.  Instead of hosting webinars focused only on our clients’ needs, we have also created shorter informational webinars on specific topics.  The purpose is to allow you to share these webinars with your employees or even customers if you would like.  We intentionally posted these on YouTube to make them easily accessible to most people.  While you may have YouTube, and similar sites, blocked at your office, most people can get to YouTube and trust it as a legitimate site for all kinds of content.

With employee and customer education being one way to meet regulatory compliance obligations, Safe Systems hopes that these webinars provide you another resource to share in your education efforts.

This idea was recommended by one of our customers at our Safe Systems National User’s Conference.  Though many of you may not realize it, we are always looking for great ideas to benefit you and your institution.  Please share ideas like this whenever they cross your mind.  It definitely makes our jobs easier when we have a list of your requests and ideas instead of predicting what you may need.  Currently we have the following webinars available:

  • Malware/Viruses
  • Passwords
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Media

I would like to add to this list in the future to have several short webinars for our customers to be able to use.  If you have any recommendations for future topics please email education@safesystems.com.

“I always seem to miss the webinars you do each month.  Is there a way I can review a recorded version later on?”  –Client at our conference

Almost all the webinars the education department performs are recorded.  Currently, to watch one of these webinars please email education@safesystems.com with the title of the one you would like to review.  Some of you have expressed some issues with being able watch our webinars.  In most of my troubleshooting, I have found that many institutions have firewall rules or filters blocking multimedia content.  If you are having trouble viewing these webinars, please reach out to your firewall management company to have them add exceptions for our content.

We are working to make reviewing these webinars even easier.  In the next few months we will be releasing a Safe Systems branded portal that will contain many of our webinars for you to review anytime you wish.  We are also currently looking into having a company host our video content to make the process even easier for you to find and review any webinar or educational material we produce.  The portal will be the first step in simplifying the process of accessing our educational materials, but we expect to further enhance the experience of accessing our training documentation and material even more once we have the portal in place.

“I miss the classes at your office. Any chance you can bring them back?” — Many clients at our conference

Tom Hinkel, Director of Compliance and Compliance Guru, and I are pleased to bring back three of our Security Workshops October 24-26, 2012. Each one-day workshop will be held near our offices in Alpharetta, GA. To read the class descriptions, please visit our website.

We received a lot of great information and feedback at our conference this year.  Thank you to all of you who attended and all who continue to provide great feedback throughout the year.  I hope these are just three of many examples of customer requested improvements you see over the next year.

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