Marshall JonesMarshall Jones, Director of Managed Services Development

While NetComply does a lot for your network automatically (patch management, AV, and machine inventory just to name a few), it does require some maintenance to make sure your network and reports are in tip top shape. Here are a few of my recommendations for making sure both NetComply and your network are running optimally.

Verify all machines are in NetComply: This is the most important step! If a machine is not in NetComply, it is almost certainly not being managed at all. This means that it is completely vulnerable since it is not getting patches, and may not have an AV product on it. The easiest way to verify if all your machines are in NetComply is to do a count of your machines and then check to make sure that matches the total number of devices in NetComply. If the numbers don’t match, use NetComply to help you find the missing machines. One trick is to show the Last Logged in User on the Agent Status page under the Agent tab and look for any missing users. Another trick is to sort by IP Address on the same page to separate your branches, this way you can verify your counts at each branch. If you’re missing either of these columns (IP Address or Last Logged in User), hit the Select Columns button to add these fields.

Make sure new machines are configured: Check Patch Management and AVG specifically. Make sure you have an automatic update time configured under the Patch Management tab -> Automatic Update. Also verify that AVG has been installed by going to the Security tab -> Install/Remove section and verify a check mark is present. It’s a good idea to also verify that a credential has been set under the Agent tab -> Set Credential section.

Run the built-in tests to verify configuration: It’s a good idea to periodically run a credential and patch management test to verify that machines are able to update properly. A credential test can be run by going to the Agent tab -> Set Credential area, selecting the machines you want to test, and hitting the Test button. You can test the Patch Management configuration by going to the Patch Management tab -> Patch Status, selecting the machines you want to test, and hitting the Test button. If either of these tests fail, review the configuration of the machine and make any necessary changes, then retest the machine.

Delete old machines: This is something often overlooked and it can really hurt your Patch Management report as well as all other reports. Make removing machines from NetComply part of your machine decommission process. You can do this by going to the Agent tab -> Delete -> Choose “Delete account now…”

By following these few simple guidelines you can ensure that your NetComply reports are accurate, your machines are being managed properly and you’ll be ready for your next audit or exam.

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