Automated service saves time, secures systems, strengthens compliance

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Feb 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Safe Systems, recent winner of the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award, and national leader in compliance-centric IT support and hosted services exclusively to financial institutions, today announced the launch of CAPS, an automated patching service to patch non-Microsoft critical applications, such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java and QuickTime. Safe Systems’ automated service will reduce time spent manually patching all systems within the institution, and will increase security, productivity and overall compliance posture.

Danny Johnston, CEO for Safe Systems said, “In evaluating our clients’ challenges, we developed a sophisticated system to automatically patch applications like Java and Adobe to complement our current automated Microsoft patching solution. Within the first month of implementation, our internal Network Operations Center saw an almost 90 percent reduction in time spent on malware tickets.”

According to a recent report from Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft, and more specifically, Windows, is no longer the weakest link in software security. The top 10 IT security vulnerabilities included products from two vendors only, Adobe and Java. Historically, Safe Systems has written a custom install package each time Adobe or Java released an important security update. Now, CAPS scans every machine and installs the latest version of the application on any machine that is out-of-date — automatically. A report is generated providing an outline of any machine that failed to update, leaving the network administrator with a few outliers to address rather than every machine in the network. CAPS performs updates automatically, which network administrators previously had to do manually.

Darren Bridges, president for Safe Systems added, “The advantages of having up-to-date applications with an automated patching service are two-fold. There is substantial improvement in banking operations, allowing executives, tellers, loan officers and CSRs to focus on client-facing activities, which increases overall productivity. Secondly, an automated and monitored application patching service increases the institution’s security in the eyes of examiners and internal auditors, while also strengthening the bank or credit union’s vulnerability assessments. Providing our customers with a tool to test and secure every machine in their network is paramount to ensuring their systems meet and exceed regulatory expectations.”

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Founded in 1993, Safe Systems is the national leader in providing compliance-centric IT solutions exclusively to financial institutions. As a technology partner, and recent winner of the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award, Safe Systems has worked with over 500 financial institutions and manages over 25,000 network devices nationwide. Safe Systems’ scalable and cost effective solutions include IT managed services, compliance solutions, business continuity and disaster recovery, hosted email, data vaulting, network design and installation, security services, and IT and compliance training. Safe Systems helps financial institutions to significantly decrease costs, increase revenues, and improve performance. For additional information about Safe Systems, Inc., please visit or call 877.752.0550.

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