Marshall JonesMarshall Jones, Director of Managed Services Development

If you haven’t heard yet, CAPS is Safe Systems’ newly developed Critical Application Patching Service. It is used to patch non-Microsoft critical applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, and QuickTime. For every Network Admin in the financial industry, patching (of some form or another) always seems to be at the forefront of their mind. Whether it’s vulnerability assessments, examiners, or internal auditing; Network Admins are constantly focusing on how effective they are at getting their machines patched. Rarely do they get the opportunity to take a step back to actually see what real world advantages are coming from these up-to-date applications.

I wanted to take this opportunity to point out the real numbers that we are seeing in our NOC since the implementation of CAPS. In CAPS’ first full month of use alone, the number of hours spent in our NOC on malware tickets dropped by 90% from its peak in May earlier this year. On average, the time spent in our NOC on malware since CAPS was introduced has dropped by 75% compared to the previous months of this year. This means that executives, loan officers, CSRs, and tellers were able to work with more customers and complete their jobs quicker since they didn’t have to hassle with malware. All of this comes with little to no additional work from the Network Admin since they are using CAPS. In fact, on our CAPS report, we list how much time the Network Admin has saved by using CAPS to update these applications instead of doing them manually. Keep in mind though, our estimate does not include the increased productivity from the entire organization since this is hard to quantify, but it’s obvious they no longer have to deal with the malware infestations that accompany these out of date applications.

The reality is that malware makers are no longer focused on exploiting Microsoft vulnerabilities. Keeping up with all of the third party applications, testing the patches, and then installing the patches on your network is almost an insurmountable task. With CAPS, all of this is automated and the institution can enjoy the benefits of up-to-date software without having to incur the cost of labor involved in trying to accomplish the same thing manually or the cost of the loss of productivity. If you’d like to hear more about CAPS or if you’re interested in purchasing CAPS, please contact your Account Manager and let them know.

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