Niki NeeseNiki Neese, VP Account Management

The recent snow storm in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas caused us to experience 4-6 inches of unusual and unforeseen snow and ice, causing road closures and preventing a majority of businesses and their employees from driving to work for several business days. This left our city’s businesses scrambling for alternative methods to continue running their business and operations.

Was your financial institution impacted by this weather? If so, was your recovery plan adequate? Safe Systems provides a remote access package (Remote Control Bundle) that enables our customers to support and complete business tasks remotely. During the snow week, Safe Systems logged 663 support connections.  We at Safe Systems utilized this solution internally and also supported our Remote Control customers to allow them to work from home. We logged 129 telecommute connections in two days. We also saw numerous customers utilize their telecommute licensees to allow their employees to access their workstations remotely. Lastly, Safe Systems saw 728 network administrator connections, giving our network administrators the ability to remotely administer their servers and workstations. The use of all of these services allows for an effective way to maintain uptime for the institution, even when the institution cannot be physically reached by the employees.

Community Capital Bank’s Anastasia Lester recently stated regarding the Safe Systems Remote Control Bundle:

“Whenever snow and ice take over the southern states, there is the threat that everything in the business world will come to a stand-still. When this happened earlier this year, it was not safe to travel the roads and our bank was closed for two days. As luck would have it, the deadline for submitting our payroll fell on one of these two days. Working from home with remote access to my computer, I was able to access all of the records that I needed in order to process the time entries, accurately compute commissions and verify the scheduled deductions. Having successfully completed the payroll upload, I am confident that I will be able to get our employees paid in any situation as long as an Internet connection is available for access to the remote control feature provided by Safe Systems.”

If you’re interested in a Remote Control Bundle, which includes all of these services, please contact your Safe Systems Account Manager.

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