Marshall JonesMarshall Jones, Director of Managed Services

Telecommute has proven to be a vital role in a successful disaster recovery plan. During the floods in Nashville a few months ago, we had numerous customers utilize their telecommute licenses to allow their employees to work remotely, while their institution was largely unreachable. Telecommute allows users at the institution to connect remotely to their office machines via an encrypted connection from anywhere, provided that they have an Internet connection. As long as the institution’s Internet connection is still running, the user will be able to work effectively from wherever they may be, be it at a conference across the country, or stuck at home due to flooding.

In addition to Telecommute, Network Administrators unable to reach the office are able to use SafeConnect, which allows for administration of users working remotely. This is crucial when users are (often for the first time) performing their jobs from a remote location. Admin Remote Control, which allows for remote administration of servers and workstations at the office, is also a useful tool during a disaster. The use of all of these services allows for an effective way to maintain uptime for the institution, even when the institution cannot be physically reached by the employees.

If you’re interested in a Remote Control Bundle, which includes all of these services, please contact your Safe Systems Account Manager.