Marshall JonesMarshall Jones, Director of Managed Services

SafeConnect is a valuable asset for every institution that I don’t feel a lot of people know about or use to its fullest potential. SafeConnect allows you to bring a new level of support to your Remote Deposit Capture customers as well as supporting your online banking customers. It seems that the common theme is to make site visits for Remote Deposit Capture customer training and troubleshooting as well as for troubleshooting internet banking in extreme cases.

This can be reduced, if not eliminated, with SafeConnect. SafeConnect allows you to share your customer’s screen to troubleshoot problems or walk them through the training of new software. SafeConnect also eliminates the need to blindly walk customers through troubleshooting online banking access. Being able to share the screen with your customer empowers you to support the customer as if you’re standing over their shoulder when in fact you haven’t left your desk.  With less windshield time being spent going on-site, the institution will be able to help more customers in a shorter amount of time, be able to provide a faster response to customers, and significantly reduce overall expenses due to less travel.

Remember, if you already have the Remote Control Bundle with us, you already have 2 SafeConnect licenses. For training on using SafeConnect, please log into the NetComply portal to read the SafeConnect Training Documentation.

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