Marshall Jones, Managed Services Manager

There are several ways to optimize NetComply remote control; including settings on the machines and within NetComply.

To begin with, you should change settings on the machines themselves; it’s a good policy to have all of your servers and workstations configured for best performance. You can change this setting on each machine by right clicking on My Computer, go to Properties, go to Advanced, click the Settings button under Performance and select the radio button that says “Adjust for best performance.” This is a good method in general to increase the performance of your machines, but it will also help significantly with remote control speed and efficiency.

When you are using KVNC to connect to a machine, the default remote control option for desktops, there is an option you should change each time you connect to increase your performance. Once the connection has opened, right click on the toolbar at the top of the screen and choose Options. From the Options area, select the box that says, “Adapt to network speed.”

Another recommendation for remote control is to have your servers configured to use Terminal Services as the remote control option. This will provide a faster connection since no additional software has to be installed. You can modify this setting by clicking on the green OK icon next to the machine’s name anywhere within NetComply. This will bring up the machine’s management page. Click on the Remote Control tab and you should see the option to “Select remote control package to use.” This should be set to Terminal Server on all of your servers.

These three tips should make your remote control sessions connect faster and perform better. As always, if you have any questions regarding remote control specifically or NetComply in general, I encourage you to let us know by emailing us at

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