Niki Neese, VP Account Management

Welcome to the second edition of the 2009 Safe Systems Newsletter!

As I discussed last quarter, we are incorporating a “Compliance” topic to each Quarterly System Review that we perform with your institution in order to present you with information on the latest compliance and exam trends, and industry best practices.

For the second quarter of ’09, our focus will be on your Technology Committee Meetings and the importance of having your Account Manager’s participation. Our team has attended hundreds of technology committee meetings. As a result, we are very well versed on issues and topics critical to your business. Together, we have compiled a comprehensive list of subjects that have been discussed throughout our customer base. We have also referenced guidelines from the FFIEC IT Examination handbook that institutions should incorporate. Our goal is to make sure these guidelines are being put into action based on your current policies and procedures.

Your Account Manager can bring many different perspectives to your team. Our participation will assure that you will be cognizant of the wide spectrum of information vital to your success. Each of our AM’s is involved with clients that have a very diverse array of services, products and procedures. Our goal is to be your Trusted Advisor and to help you make IT decisions that are most beneficial to your institution’s specific needs. Since we work strictly with financial institutions, we are able to share with you the industry trends and expectations of examiners from audits and compliance reviews.

It is important that your employees and Board of Directors be trained on GLBA adherence. We are a good resource that you can utilize for topics that need to be addressed with them. Our goal, as your Account Manager, is to make sure that we help you succeed in all these areas. Our attendance will increase communications and understanding, which leads to an enhanced relationship.

We welcome your suggestions on topics that you would like for us to consider in the quarters that follow. Please email us at with your comments and suggestions. Again, we thank you for your support and participation.

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