Niki Neese, VP Account Management

Welcome to the first edition of the 2009 Safe Systems Newsletter!

We on the Account Management team are excited about the coming year and the enhancements that we will bring to our relationship. As many know, I, Niki Neese, will not only provide leadership to the Account Management team but I will retain the personal accounts that I presently have. I’ll also have an opportunity each quarter to talk about some of the specific enhancements to the Account Management process.

When you think of our Account Management Team, you probably think of your Quarterly Reviews which we perform together. This year, in addition to the reporting enhancements of NetComply, we have decided to incorporate a specific “Compliance” topic into our Quarterly Review procedures. Our goal is to present you with information on the latest compliance and exam trends, and industry best practices. We have added a Director of Compliance position to assist the Account Manager and incorporate the FFIEC new industry best practices into our quarterly reviews. More on that in the Compliance Corner section.

For the first quarter of ’09 our focus will be on the latest regulatory guidance on Remote Deposit Capture. FDIC guidance was just released earlier this year, and we’ve already seen some elements incorporated into auditor questionnaires. We’ve developed a summary checklist to assist you in either assessing your existing policy, or evaluating one from a third-party vendor (like Gladiator). Your account manager will be happy to review the checklist during your next meeting, and if necessary, help you find additional resources needed to fulfill the guidance found in the FIL.

We welcome your suggestions on topics that you would like for us to consider in the quarters that follow. Please email us at with your comments and suggestions. Again, our goal and stated purpose is to be of maximum service to our clients. We thank you for your support and participation.

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