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Question: My ISO wants to review reports from NetComply on a monthly basis. Can NetComply do anything to automate this process?

Answer: Yes, you can schedule your reports to be delivered to you or anyone else at your bank via email. To schedule reports you need to go to the Reports tab in the NetComply Portal and then choose “Schedule Reports” from the left-hand column. From the Schedule Reports section you will be able to configure which reports you would like to receive, who should receive them, and how often.

For example, if you wanted to receive your Executive Summary report monthly, you would choose “Shared-Executive Summary” from the “Select report” drop down. Next, you would want to enter the email addresses of the individuals that would be receiving the report, separated with commas. The last step is to select the option “Run at recurring interval,” choose how often you would want to receive the report, choose which day you want to receive the report on, and hit “Schedule.”

scheduling a NetComply report

Scheduling a NetComply Report

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