Question: I’ve heard rumors that I can still buy PCs with Windows XP installed instead of Vista; however, I thought you could no longer buy XP. What’s the story?

Answer: When you buy a new PC, you will be purchasing Vista; however, you are entitled to a copy of XP Professional with each Vista purchase (what Microsoft calls downgrading to XP). With many PC manufacturers, the PC you receive will have Vista installed with an XP image CD in the box. If you purchase a PC configured with the Windows Vista BONUS, Dell will do the XP image installation for you. The end result? The PC you receive will have XP installed, along with a Vista Business or Ultimate installation DVD as well as the XP image CD.
Two items to note:

  1. You have to purchase select versions of Vista to be eligible to downgrade to XP.
  2. Be aware that Dell is charging for this service on certain PC models.

For more information, visit Dell’s website.

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